My name is Winged Folcon. I live here, on a place I call Sky Haven. It's a large floating island high above the known air space of Earth, and is compleately undetectable. This is my own private island, torn from the ground and raised into the air through mighty and unmentionable magics. From there I have built my own little slice of heaven, complete with hot tub, chocolate fountain, video games, and of course, internet.

Durring my free time, I enjoy these luxeries, as well as reading a steadily growing library of books. Although my main hobby is hanging out here, on the forums, where I can Roleplay to my heart's content, as long as there are people to respond.

Amongst my other inerests are writing, reading, and yaoi. In my personal opinion, Yaoi is proof that the good lord, whatever name you want to give him, loves us. Why else would so many of the paintings/sculptures of people from the bible, and the bible era, have ripped, hot males walking around in the nude? I love Renasance art.

If there is really more you want to know about me, shot me a PM, and I'll tell you whatever you want, so long as it aint personal stuff.

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xXxTheReaperOfLovexXx Report | 09/17/2011 10:09 pm
hello :3
PaleLipsofAbel Report | 04/04/2011 6:21 am
TnZLaDz Report | 11/07/2009 3:29 pm
dw ill get it from some1 else ill get it from the guy that sell for 20k i have my ways
TnZLaDz Report | 11/07/2009 3:18 pm
well if i bid on it will u pick me to win it?
TnZLaDz Report | 11/07/2009 3:13 pm
because i promised my best friend it
TnZLaDz Report | 11/07/2009 3:13 pm
come on dude ill give u something back just gimme the tsuhnami ko classic coat for 3k or free
TnZLaDz Report | 11/07/2009 3:07 pm
Hey dude ill give u 3kor 4k the tsuhnami ko classic coat or gimme it free xD no that wont happen
ii_xs3xtAp3 Report | 11/07/2009 12:30 pm
can ihave Tsunami KO Classic Coat (Any) for 1k ?
hongkong123 Report | 10/15/2009 9:11 pm
can i have celebrity date 4 25000
Catty_Hatty81 Report | 09/29/2009 1:12 am

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