~*Some Things about Me*~

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Addicting; Active; && Friendly.

PURE-Energy and loves to chat :'D.
Never regret to meet and still lovin to be here and there.

Well Hi hi~
I'm Windrose.
Please tew meet`cha! :'D
To start off is that; I'm different. [Well dur.]
I'm mostly known to be called; Windy.
I believe its more easier for ppl to say. xD

I AM a verrrrry good friend of all my friends.
Just that, some don't come on anymore and that hurts. ._.
But anyways, no time to be sad. Life is wayyy to short.
Btw, if you get to know me well. You'll love me more than a piece of candeh. 8D I'm that lovable.

Out of all my 200 friends, I only have 2 irl friends named, Emma and Meghan. They are verrry awkward ppl but hey, I love em :]

Well I don't have nothing else much too say.
But if you add me, please feel free to talk to me ANYTIME.<3


Have a great day. [: