Below this line is mostly all out of date.
Any pictures of me on here are old as well now.
I don't play Gaia anymore, I have retired from it.
I occasionally log on to see how much certain items are for.
That is all.

I'm Crystal, you can call me Cry
I am 16, my birthday is in August, so I won't be 17 for a while. sad
I like the color green.
I also like hearts, if you can't tell from my background picture.
I listen to all kinds of music.
I haven't been online in a LONG time, nor will I be in a LONG time again.
I've got a lot of emotional stuff going on, as well as some other stuff.
I LOVE roleplaying!
Anything to get a break from dealing with reality. lol
I can be really talkative, but sometimes if I'm just meeting you I won't be.
*Sigh* I also dislike writing profiles... cause their all about me. >.<
Why can't I write about someone else? lol

I no longer log on Gaia often.
You can find me however on Ernya.com
My name there is WillowTheFoodBeggar

Okay so the picture at the top is of me.

User Image
If you wanna chat with me sometime just send me a message! smile
If your visiting my profile, your welcome to leave a comment... I'll read it I promise!
You have now been warned.


So I tend to be obsessive at times. Who isn't? Oh... wait... some people aren't? :/


User Image
User Image

I was addicted to avi art from nuff!

My Green Headshot!
User Image

Me with the PURPLE Fluff!
User Image

Didn't she do LOVELY with my animals?! I think she did! smile
User Image

I got a full body one done! YAYS!

User Image

Art from Chris!
~Art I got from Chris~
User Image

Art I bought from JVNT
I gotta say I love it. I'm just in a lovely mood all around though. xD
User Image

I really like this one too! I truly am an art addict!
User Image

This one sadly will be my last Avatar art done on Gaia.
Lovely art though! smile
User Image


User Image
This is me with makeup, a while back, it's really only lipstick, I think... how would I know? I don't wear makeup often!


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Still I need a title?

Umm... Header?

This is where I'm gonna write things like... umm well, like.... poetry... and uhh... entries about my day and other things...



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l Fudgie l

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l Fudgie l

hey! i havent herd from you in like foooorrreeevvveeeerrrrr!!

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DUDE PUT BACK UP UR OLD SERVER!!! haah or come back to GT

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happy birthday =]

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Thank you for you purchase

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Thank you for buying.
khaleesi MotherOfDragons

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khaleesi MotherOfDragons

thx 4 buynig again :]
Mega koolgirl

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Mega koolgirl

And you are very welcome. smile
Stoned Crows

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Stoned Crows

thx 4 buying

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thnx for purchasing =]

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Thanks 4 buying 3nodding