Ah, I feel rather exhausted at the moment. So, please excuse any annoying spelling or grammar mistakes... :U

Ah well, I'm now a Senior in highschool. God, time sure does fly- it feels like only yesterday I made my Gaia account... but that was back in 8th grade. I can't believe it's already been four years. I can't believe I'll be turning 17 in just a few weeks either. It kinda sucks, you know. Getting older, I mean- it means a lot more work. -3-

So, I guess I need to put some things that I like and dislike, and other little tidbits about me. Without further adieu...

Video Games
Building Things

Poor Grammar
Poor Spelling
Crowded Rooms
Small Rooms
Clothing Department Stores

I suppose I should explain a few of these things... Well, Books, goes first. My favorite series is the Legends Cycle by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, a part of the Dragonlance series. This has got to be one of the greatest fantasy works ever written- not because the plot is terribly amazing (though it is rather good), or that the world they created is extremely well thought out (while good, it doesn't encroach upon a massive universe like the Dune series does), but because their characters are so terrifyingly real and show the best and worst in each of us. Other books that I like include, of course, the Dune series, the Narnia series, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the Bartimeus trilogy, and the Black Company series. The Black Company Series, out of all of Glen Cook's works (an amazing author, and I recommend reading ANY of his works- the Black Company, the Instrumentalities of Night, the Dread Empire, etc.), is the best- the characters are beautifully complex and the plot is played on a grand scale, all the players not fully revealed until the end of the series.

To explain my love of Science, I mean this in the loosest term available. In reality, I just like to know how things work- and this is apparent within my roleplaying, as well as other things. I always search for a high amount of realism within my roleplaying, even within fantastical settings- this has always driven me to research the mechanics and behavior of certain matter under certain conditions This is so that I can enhance the quality and overall correctness of my roleplay.

The Dislikes are easy. I'm a grammar Nazi, claustrophobic, and I dislike places with lots of people- when I'm around lots of people I don't know, I tend to become rather angry and annoyed for no particular reason at all. It's rather annoying, so I avoid these kinds of places as much as possible, i.e. Malls, Wal-Mart, etc.


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So....I felt like making a journal =3




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Anti-Cute Animosity

Report | 10/11/2010 4:23 pm

Anti-Cute Animosity

I'm super not enjoying it. D: Especially with my awful procrastination habits as of late. Nope, don't think I ever had...Most of the dogs I meet are mutts.

I completely agree...I don't even watch too much TV. Whatever my brother or mom have on in the morning and I sort of half-watch when I'm hanging out with my friends. But I don't watch any show religiously. And I hope so too...The first one sucked so bad after all.

Sort of...He went to homecoming with a different girl, so I'm sort of figuring we're just pretending nothing happened.

Neither do I...Oh, by the way I'm sorry for taking so long....Been busy lately. D:

Exactly. Three paragraphs and five quotes due for tomorrow...and I haven't even started. xP
Anti-Cute Animosity

Report | 09/06/2010 3:36 pm

Anti-Cute Animosity

I've only had two days so far. D: And I'm already dreading tomorrow. ....I don't think I've ever seen a poodle before. Not an incredibly important fact, it just occurred to me.

It's not as bad as watching some shows twenty-four seven. For the most part, I don't watch a lot of TV anyways. It was pretty bad. But...Then again so are some movies and they just kept adding new movies to the series, so we'll just have to wait and see.

It's just a rough time in my life, seeing as I still have to see him everyday. And pretend that nothing is bothering me about the situation.

You should be very proud of yourself!

Maybe...Once or twice. xD I really should finish my homework, but I'm being lazy.
Anti-Cute Animosity

Report | 08/26/2010 4:13 pm

Anti-Cute Animosity

I know. I know she's trying to help, but...it's just awful. But tomorrow's my last day since school starts next week. So yay? Those weird haircuts kind of frighten me. They just look so unnatural like...no dog should look like that. But that's just my opinion.

With babysitting as my main source of income...I hardly have a choice. It's either Disney or Nick Jr. I have a five year old who likes Naruto Shippuden, which is the best I get. o_o Well obvious Sokka would be funny, but Aang should have been too. But nooo. And it's not like they changed the names entirely, just pronunciations. SOAK-KA and AHNG. Toph wasn't in it. It was only the first book/season. So yeah! You can look forward to two more movies. biggrin

I do that sometimes. Especially since the dances never play any songs I like, so it's awkward to dance to. I slow danced with a [girl] friend of mine once just because we sort of sick and tired of asking guys. Really the only guy I have asked out to his face is my current boyfriend. And...I wouldn't even call him that considering he won't hold my hand, call me his girlfriend in front of his friends, he degrades me in front of my friends, not only cheats on me, BUT tells me straight to my face he's doing it and how much fun he's having. ....Sorry. I shouldn't be complaining to you. Just rough past weeks.

I never purposely annoy someone, but I've always been one to stick up for people close to me. My mom was telling me that when I was a little girl I yelled at a father who was yelling at his young daughter, calling her a 'f***ing waste of space'. So I've always been sort of an activist.

You're Encyclopedia Brown...Oops Encyclopedia Willow.

...See I'm excited for the first day of school. Not for the rest of the year. xD
Anti-Cute Animosity

Report | 08/17/2010 10:59 am

Anti-Cute Animosity

It's like peer pressure....But I have nothing to do with it.
I am always in the forums though.
Anti-Cute Animosity

Report | 08/17/2010 9:29 am

Anti-Cute Animosity

Because my mom made me take the job because she's friends with the mom. But it's just annoying. ;P Wow David, manly dog you got there. Bet you're a ladies man when walking that dog. I'm just joking around. If the dog is obedient and loyal, it doesn't really matter. Your parents would be pretty amazing if they bought you god.

I'm always happy when I hear of a disney star who didn't make a fool of themselves. Although if it's not a fool, then they just disappear. Disney doesn't seem to be the place to get your start. xP Avatar had it's funny parts, but they mostly belonged to Sokka. Also how they changed half of the names...It was understandable, but just threw me off for half the movie.

Awww...I hate moving. Good thing my last move didn't change schools. I've never been to a homecoming. And I'm not the biggest fan of dances either, I'm either being dragged around by my friends, or crying in the bathroom because I got up the courage to ask the guy I liked out and he turned me down (rudely). PS. Totally not a pity comment there. But I think I should go to one...Just for the experience. That's sort of my problem with prom, all of my friends go with dates and going stag is sort of...lame. Plus...Incredibly expensive.

My friends make fun of me...Because I'm all 'no war, no meat, no drugs, ect' " And then I am willing beat the stringy snot out of someone who annoys me. I get in trouble...But then my mom will later tell everyone how strong I am.

Awww...Thanks. :3 You're making me feel all special. But you do know a lot, it just surprises me because you'll all of a sudden just blurt out random facts.
Anti-Cute Animosity

Report | 08/09/2010 8:49 pm

Anti-Cute Animosity

Where to begin...Called me fat, locked me out, punched me, disobeys me, insults me. Actually he's eight so you could chalk it up to his age, but it is not worth the $1.66 I receive in payment for babysitting him. You got a dog? That's awesome! What sort? And I seriously typed god three times there. Which would have made for a much more impressive gift.

The older episodes are so much better, but isn't that the case with almost all cartoons? Simpsons, Pokemon, Spongebob. All better in their earliest stages. I used to like Disney, back in it's prime, but now I can't help but to think that's it only raising a generation of divas and hypocritical men. My mom took me to see Avatar, the movie, even though I made it abundantly clear I wasn't too keen on it. She enjoyed it, but she hadn't seen the series. It really did no justice to the series. Aang lost all of his charm, no chemistry between him and Katara, not enough time for a good summary, at best.

She was tough and spunky. Taught girls that you didn't need to let men boss you around, but you could also be feminine, at times. I never said I was going to fair with my prices, now did I?

Really? Sounds impressive. I like writing screen plays, but it would never be acted out in my school. xD And I've never gone to a homecoming/Sadie Hawkins/Prom. Mind you, I was too young for Prom until this year but still. I should go this year.

I used to be really passive, but I sort of just got violet from growing up in 'da hood'. The whitest hood in Northern Wisconsin, but a hood nonetheless. xD But in all honesty, I never fight unless provoked or if one of my friend's is in trouble. I'm actually against all other forms of violence, so it's sort of hypocritical, I'll admit. Ummm...Let's see...One time, one of my friends was being picked on by this kid who was twice my age, but he was a guy and my legs were in the perfect position to aim for the baby-maker. Another time, I was getting picked on in school a lot by this one girl who kept telling me she was going to get her friends together to kill me. A week later, we had a karate unit in gym and I had her flipped over in only thirty or so seconds. I've gotten beaten up a few times, I'm not Superwoman or anything, but my mom always told me that she raised me to be tough and take a punch just in case, and I swear this is straight from her mouth, " you ever into kickboxing ". Gee...I really sound like some sort of buff girl, who settles problems with her fist, which is completely not me. I just have them ready, just in case. ;D

You really do come across as incredibly intelligent. Whenever we talk [type?], I always feel inferior. xD 'Oh, I hope Master David doesn't think me of being too much of a fool'. Slight exaggeration there, but you get the point? I am offended because....I am a minority and a woman and....Jewish and....Muslim...And....Totally lying here, other than the woman part. xD.....Looking back on this comment, I am obviously a little hyper. xD
Anti-Cute Animosity

Report | 07/29/2010 9:52 pm

Anti-Cute Animosity

And then I did it again. I blame it on devil child! D< He needs to die. Anyways...Volunteer stuff is cool! Good job, helping society instead of being mad at it like any normal teenager.

I haven't seen Spongebob in forever. Been mostly Cartoon Network lately and Disney XD. Although I have rekindled my love of Last Airbender, movie was sort of meehhh to me. And before I get called a conformist...Yeesss, I got back in on it because of the upcoming movie, but I did like it before but never had a chance to see it a lot.

That was probably my favorite show as a kid. I still like watching it occasionally. Dawn and May both make me sort of sad to be a girl. D: I'm still a Pokemon fan, although not as big as some of the kids at my school. Twenty kumquats for a week of 'safety'. Mwahahaha.

Definitely like Clue. I was always Mr. Body when we played. xD

I wouldn't have offered. I would have just done it...I have issues with people messing with my friends. Everyone thinks I'm so nice and pleasant until you mess with my friends....[/stops before she gets too creepy]

You're almost too eloquent to be seventeen. That's my only thought in the matter. But I never thought you were too much older than me...Maybe a year or two. Hey...I don't believe I ever called you fat! Pretty sure it was just old and creepy. O: I'm offended.

Report | 07/25/2010 6:54 pm


Fff you know me, I was in middle school until now ;; My high school's gonna be worse~~~ Fufu

Yup it is lol ;; The art in the manga irks me sooo yeah, go watch the anime when you're not busy XD
Anti-Cute Animosity

Report | 07/20/2010 8:53 am

Anti-Cute Animosity

So sorry. I got in a huge fight when I was in the middle of your response a few days ago and then I forgot to finish it.

There's only so many times you can watch children shows before going crazy. And I'm doing it all day Thursday and Friday. Yay~

I used to watch it as a kid, when I didn't realize it was an anime. Like Pokemon and Sailor Moon. xDD That would make sense. Then I could still have the nickname without any reductions to my precious kumquats. biggrin Maybe people could pay me 'protection fees' with kumquats/

That would make sense. Better than letting it go wild with no clues.

I would hate to have such a creepy stalker after me...Has she told anyone about it? Teacher, police officer even, if it's so bad?

Seventeen...Niiiice. See I was always under the impression that you were older than me, but not by much. Although you're probably actually forty...xP

Report | 07/14/2010 10:47 pm


My school called it field hockey, but we did it on the blacktop LOL They really should ;; It's so fun~~~

LOL yeah that's the thing. It's extremely confusing, so yeah XD There's a lot of questions and each character has a secret and stuff, so yeah =w= Watch the anime if you can~


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