The name is Willow.

I have tons of things i Adore. Way too many some people say.
Here is some of them that i find most important.
*Soft things (like plushy towels)
*cute animals
*Jolt! my favorite energy drink.
*I love most weather
*And most of all Roleplaying!!!!!!!!!!!

I love to be different people. Latley i've been on this huge Harry Potter thing. I also want to do princess themed stuff and maybe video games like harvest moon and others.

I love my Brown hair.
My avatar will have really awsome brown hair once i get tons of money.
I also like the colors green and purple so i might be wearing those alot unless im in the middle of an intense roleplay. Then i might try to mimc my character in the roleplay.

I might not be on all the time so if you want to talk send me a message please!


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Arian rosewater

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Arian rosewater

I am happy that i am able to be your first comment post. Good luck in the Gaia world sweetheart.


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