Before this account begins, one must take note to NOT READ THIS PROFILE IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO HAVE ANY OF THE THREE 'PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN' FILMS SPOILED IN ANY WAY. For fuller accounts, watch the films, or check my soon-to-be enriched journal. Ye have been warned.

Will Turner was born in Glascow, Scotland but raised by his mother in England as a lad. His father, a respectable merchant marine (or so Will thought), would send his family trinkets and money to live off of from his many travels and among those gifts Will received an exotic gold medallion.

After the passing of his mother when he was 12, Will made the decision to take the medallion and sail to the Caribbean--the last place he was aware of his father having been and the seat of his travels--to find his father. In the Crossing, Will's ship was attacked by pirates. His ship, having exploded from the powder magazine, was destroyed and Will was left to die at sea, floating half-drowned on an adrift piece of deck.

But Will was rescued by a passing ship of the His Majesty's Fleet, thanks to the wandering eyes of a young girl and the quick thinking of a promising young lieutenant. It was there that he found that his medallion had been lost somewhere in the adventure of the pirates.

It was also there that Will Turner met Miss Elizabeth Swann and became fast friends with the girl. He was taken to Port Royal and after failing to find his father, was helped by the governor to find his way to a simple but secure living as the apprentice of blacksmith John Brown.

Will grew into a simple craftsman--with a not so simple gift for beautiful work by his hands--and a self-made swordsmith. Master Brown proved to be a drunk who seldom did his work, forcing Will to learn his craft hands-on through strength and patience and eventually grow into a talented smith.

Will's friendship with Elizabeth also evolved, and eventually Will found himself trapped in a life revolving around his work and his distant longing for a woman he knew could never be his wife. Though the Governor was kind to Will and looked after his well-being, he made it clear that a relationship with Elizabeth beyond proper social accquaintance was strictly forbidden.

On the day that Captain Norrington--the lieutenant that lent a hand in saving Will's life eight years previously--is promoted to the status of Commodore, Elizabeth falls into the harbor due to the woes of a too-tight corset and is saved by a stranger, later identified as a rag-tag pirate known as Jack Sparrow. Managing to slip between Norrington's fingers when he is declared under arrest--Norrington having sworn to rid the world of all piracy--by threatening Miss Elizabeth, Will discovers Jack in his forge and, driven by the rage at his treatment of his unrequited love, attempts to catch and kill Jack by the blade of his sword.

Will proves a gallant opponent for Jack, and only by means of cheating is Sparrow able to defeat him. But he still manages to get caught by Norrington when Will stubbornly refuses to let him use the door and Brown bashes him on the head with an empty rum bottle.

That same night, a mysterious fog having settled on the township during the day, a pirate attack ensues, and Will is knocked unconscious just as he discovers Elizabeth being kidnapped by the invading crew.

After winning Elizabeth, Will proposes to her and is granted permission to take her hand in marriage. A year passes and the day of their anxiously awaited wedding arrives... but with a black cloud overhead.

A man of greedy ambition and a black history with Jack Sparrow sails into to Port Royal, arresting and present William to his bride in cold iron. With the incomplete explanation that he is in need of Jack's compass, and that Elizabeth will hang if he does not get it, Cutler Beckett sends Will on an errand to fetch the wily captain. With an amorous promise for farewell to his still-bride-to-be, William parts in pursuit of the pirate, beginning with Tortuga.

But locating Jack Sparrow proves more difficult than expected, as he turns up caught up in a mess of the Island known as Pelegostos, captive-chief of the cannibalistic Pelegostos tribe with Will and the Pearl's crew intended as dessert in an elaborate ceremony to release their 'god.' Having to fight his way to freedom for Elizabeth through a bonecage, he and the crew eventually make an escape and, Will believes, progress towards Elizabeth's liberty... until he is reminded that Jack does nothing without compensation.

If Will wants Jack Sparrow's compass, he must help him retrieve a peculiar key. And to find that key, they must head into the depths of the ominous Cypress Forest for guidance from a bizarre gypsy woman who is able to name William Turner as he walks through her door, though they have never previously met.

Here is where William learns that Jack intends to send him headfirst into the reach of the legendary Flying Dutchman and her infamous captain, Davy Jones: the man who, tortured by incurable love for a woman of questionable affections, tore his still-beating heart from his breast, locked it in a chest and hid it away from the world.

After slipping from Davy Jones' clutches and losing the heart he helpd make attainable, Will begins to believe that his has also lost the heart of his beloved Elizabeth to the wiles of the flirtatious and well passed-about Jack Sparrow. Despite this understanding, he pursues Jack's return for her sake... and for reasons people may not realize until it is almost too late.

It is ever Will's quest to protect the ones he loves--making his objectives in At World's End centered around the protection and salvaging of Elizabeth's life and his father's soul... even to the point of betraying those one would not expect.

Thus he is always on their sides, whichever side that ends up to be, good or ill. In the films, I am sure you are aware, he is always the hero, just not always the protagonist. He and Elizabeth are always on the same side--the only duo that can trust each other in the entire Trilogy... not to say that they necessarily do.


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-I Cptn J Sparrow I-

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Wow, you really do look like William Turner! Good for you, for making your avatar look GREAT!!!
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