my note and will

Dear Friends

I am leaving gaia.and i think its only fair to explain
i'v been thinking about quiting for a while now and now
i have. i am sorry to pshychosis dementia. you know what i mean
.and a little later on i will right my will. because i do things fashionably. but to all my close friends, friends, ex's. i bid you ado.

My Will

i will start with the clothing
my dead sexy midnight coat i will leave to my best friend flame fancy pants i leave to labu necklace will go to jenn lynn. my gloves will go to sweet tama i will leave to falme avatar.
and now the valubles..
my sacred top hat will go to pshychosis dementia i love that hat.
my preciouse pimp cane will go to jenn lynn
bcause she is friends with the person who gave me that and she doesnt have a gaia anymore...
farwell everyone...