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Unsere Report | 01/26/2012 3:33 pm
Tron! emotion_bigheart heart
Mr_Rape_Himself Report | 11/29/2011 4:21 pm
Ohai Derpette.
Le Chibet Report | 10/29/2011 6:12 pm
Yes I'm in it to win it sorry You may attack me if you wish smile
Le Chibet Report | 10/29/2011 6:07 pm
Yes, Im sorry sad
Sora Kunshu Report | 09/21/2011 9:54 pm
Sweet dreams when you get there ^_^
Sora Kunshu Report | 09/21/2011 9:49 pm
*hugs* sleep time for Miss Muse?
Sora Kunshu Report | 09/21/2011 9:43 pm
No worries it's ok. I'm trying to kill time till I sleep :/
Sora Kunshu Report | 09/21/2011 9:31 pm
hahaha can i help, because i'm bored :/
Sora Kunshu Report | 09/21/2011 9:02 pm
It was good, but very busy which i didn't expect :/ What are you up to?
Sora Kunshu Report | 09/21/2011 8:58 pm
Hello I hope you had a great day!

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Meh Arts

My dA account, take a look
I also have a Whirled account, but I rarely go on

Be a dear and leave some comments too, I'm always welcoming constructive criticisms!

Now here's some examples:

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The more you know:

Welcome to my page.

Here's a little bit about me, a girl you will never meet.
Yes, I really am a girl and no you can't see any pictures. Now that's out of the way I will admit to being a nerd:
I game
I cosplay
I own a Gaia account
Tron is love
I read and own comics/manga
My bookshelf is too small
I have gone to cons
I rather stay in and watch tons of movies
A book at night is my best friend
I spend tons on my art supplies (this is why artists are poor)
Give me a pencil and paper and I'm good for hours

ANYWAY, enough about that.

I used to be very self conscious and shy but ever since I started dating my current boyfriend (The Ardent Prince, if you couldn't already tell) I've be feeling much better about my appearance and stopped fussing over the smallest details. Now don't go thinking I'm a slob, I take care of myself, I just don't worry about what other people think of me any more. He thinks I'm beautiful and his opinion is the only one that matters. <3

I'm generally a nice person, but I am passionate about my opinions and ideals. I'm loud when comfortable with the people I'm with but other than that I'm silent and usually keep to myself (who doesn't though). I anger easily. I know what I want and what I believe in, criticize me and you'll be in for a headache. I believe one person can change the world, but I get discouraged easily. I'm utterly crazy, a real handful, but I will never change for anyone. Not to be socially accepted, not for a boy, no one. Ever. Take me or leave me because I will never change me.


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(The Vour)

"What's so great about you? You aren't exceptional in any way. You have no notable qualities; you are average in every way."

"That's exactly why I'm extraordinary. You don't have to be the best to be great, it's ordinary people like me that have the most potential. We will be the ones to change the world."

Dream Avis

You should totally buy me the stuff on these ;3

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Himiko Aida
Hillary - Higz
Kirai Hanabishi
The Ardent Prince

These are the awesome people that make my life worth while :]

This amazing man here is my loving, adorable and little bit nerdy boyfriend of 2 wonderful years; whom I adore entirely