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ByrdHaus Report | 05/19/2020 9:31 am
Love your avi
Oshite Mairu Report | 06/08/2014 4:09 pm
Oshite Mairu
Thanks for your purchase.
CyanideSpikedTea Report | 05/11/2014 7:16 pm
You're most welcome smile
Kimi Doodles Report | 10/09/2012 5:50 pm
Kimi Doodles
o _ o

U-uh.... 4 days? Maybe 5? 8D;;
Kimi Doodles Report | 07/06/2012 11:47 am
Kimi Doodles
Has it? gonk I guess a little bit, but I get on all the time so I don't really notice the changes lol
That's good to hear though. And I'm good c:
Kimi Doodles Report | 06/21/2012 8:37 am
Kimi Doodles
Bah of course I remember you. xD My memory is pretty bad though lol...
But we talked a lot so of course I wouldn't forget you. c: Long time no see! How have you been?
KimikioNeko Report | 04/15/2011 5:12 pm
XD *glomps*
'ello! :3 Long time no see ~♪
KimikioNeko Report | 01/29/2011 7:57 am
Happy Birthday! *glomp*
Hope you have a great day :3 Eat a lot of cake! ^.^
KimikioNeko Report | 12/19/2010 3:30 pm
Awwweh.... *glomps* Merry Christmas to you too! ^ - ^
KimikioNeko Report | 11/04/2010 3:44 pm
Lol I don't like pokemon though XD
Honestly I think they should end it - it's gone on for too long o_e
You changing your avatar? o.O


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