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Im Amemi, I live in Ireland and go to school, play on teh lap to the top and draw er... that's about er... all ha ha~~~!!!
So comment me, pm or donate me ---- I really dont donate often now cause I am questing although I have donated a few things -- <3
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➠Demonata Angel - Panda Plushie, 4,ooo gold
➠Moonstar_libran_natalya- Dreamers Dust, 2,6oo gold
➠Lexxiiii- Wingding
➠Sakura Pai- Magical Girl (Black), Pink Bunny Slippa~, 7k, Silvr Sparkle Dress, Ballerina £@#%

Im questing more stuffs cause there are a few people I would like to donate to <3

➠ What thou laiiiikz
✖ C H I S A M E H A S E G A W A~ <3
✖ Soul Calibur and Tekken
✖ Dynasty Warriors.Samurai Warriors
✖ M A N G A et A N I M E
✖ Drawing
✖ Hatsune Miku
✖ Japanese Music ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬
✖ Microwave Food /// Suuppa Noodles f t w ///
✖ PaNdA to TeH ChAnS
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➠ What fk's me aff~~D=<
- Bisches
- People with faces like this 8<)
- Slut//b***h//Whores
- Er... Natalie cause she beggs me way taaahh maaaachhh and she talks like this ' i R N4T41i3 && i R rap3 ur ch11dr3n '
- Dont' even talk to me about Dinosaur King//Beyblade//Bakugan
- P E O P L E losing M Y s**t

So usually Im playing on Gaia. I have Bebo but Im laiik never on it >.>;
If you'd like to add me on MSN ask me for my username I'll surely talk to ya =DD - I also draw alot I will post some [x]'s at the bottom of this.

Know as [ a l i a s e s ];
x.: Wing
x.: Ame-chan [or any honorific variation]
x.: Amemi

Please dont annoy or harrass me ^^; ugh cause i'll get nazzz-tiiii >.>;;
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You can usually find me whoreing the Chatterbox or in Rally smexing others cars... =']
Currently Im Questing Inari Beads and a name change// and wifi connection *cough*

:.P O K E M O N; platinum is ago - [ i n s e r t . c o d e . h e r e ]
I promise a soon as my FAT a** dad installs wiFi I am so ready for brawl.:
Talk to me about any manga// If I dont know it wikipedia is always on hand for halp <3 wo0t
I love cats and rabbits --- and JAPAN OMG I so wanna live there and fulfill my dream to become M A N G A - K A or C H A R A C T E R . D E S I G N E R ~~~ ='3
Draw my avi// or donate and I'll luff you 4 eva wo0t!!!

Also I thought I'd post my pokemon team since me and Lexxiiii were talking abotu party ~~~=O

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Im also a Kingdom Hearts addict and am so obbsessed with it <3wo0t
ha ha I love Namine and Kairi is like Mmmmm Hmmm Sora >3>

I also really like Hatsune Miku, she ish sex in a bottle >>Now Im wondering how to get it back into the bottle ^^;;<<
Muzaaaiiiikkkkksssss >>>:
Ayumi Hamasaki, Utada Hikaru, Aira Mitsuki, Kotoko, MELL, Kaori Utatsuki, Sweet Vacation, Mami Kawada, Gackt, Miyavi, Kumi Koda, Misono, KAT-TUN, NEWS, Ai Otsuka, Haruka Tomatsu, Aural Vampire, Hatsune Miku, Ayaka Iida, EIKO, Maximum the Hormone, Chatmonchy, C-ute, Alice Nine, Nana Kitade, Kagrra, Plastic Tree, Ali Project, Aa/Savage Genius, May-J, Shanti, Mika Nakashima, Puffy AmiYumi, KANON, Enter Shikari, Akemi Kanda, Sugo Shikao, Satoru Kosaki, Dir en Grey, Jay Chou, ~!!! and more ;D

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