You're speechless, I see. A fine quality in a Wife.


Hullo, there!
I've been on Gaia since 05, and very present in the LD in the years of 07-09.
You can call me Wife, because I am, after all, your spouse.
I am married to the internet.

Any questions? Feel free to ask. I'll answer anything.

...in great detail.


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The Bad Art Collection

im going to fill this journal up with pictures that i took, enjoy.


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Dude, plus you can get a kickass formal gown that is not a stupid wedding dress. I'm kind of jealous.

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Thank you for taking it well. I know weddings can suck (boy do I) and I know the ins and outs of wedding etiquette can make things so hard. It's like it's own little culture sometimes. Sometimes the high stress of a wedding can make what I say really hurtful to a bride, and they don't take it well. Whatever you do, congrats on finding your husband to be. I've missed you here on Gaia!

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Wife! I thought I'd leave you your first comment for '13.

Haven't heard a peep from you, gaia is beginning to become desolate of intelligence!

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I LOVE FUN FACTS. I read in a handy dandy grammar and writing book that someone saying they're nauseous is incorrect, and that it means that they're making the people around them feel nausea.

Because I have a terrible memory and I like assurance that a novel is not a waste of my life.

And I need you because I adore you! Remember? D: How desolate would this world be without you?!

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I have two books of the Seventh Tower series, and they are the only ones I've read. I've always really wanted to finish it though! biggrin

I also had always assumed there would be seven books, but I hear that alas, I was incorrect. gonk

I've never heard of David Sedaris. Google says he's interesting though, so I shall delve further.

And I've always planned to read Fight Club. As usual, I expect the book to be explicitly better than the movie.

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Years upon years I have longed for you!

Let's say... probably about 4 years.

If you couldn't read, this part where you're responding to my text must be quite a feat.

And I can remember. xD I remember liking the books you used to talk about.

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Because you're brilliant and I adore you.

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I'd like you to recommend a book to me. biggrin

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You look really sexy next to your car. If that's you.
Jus saying
This is Exodus

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This is Exodus

I dunno, I just heard it was fun. I'm a wimp when it comes to playing sports seriously so I'd have no chance. xD Ah, alright! I've never really played that so I guess it didn't register right away.

Honestly, I don't think anyone else could. It's been tried but no one has been really successful in trying to get clones for a day. Just you. Heh, hey whatever you want though. C: I just noticed that you've been posting around and you're staying around for the most part by the looks of it. I just thought I'd say hi and nice to have you back. So long as you're happy things should be good.


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