Just in Case YOU need to know....


My name is Kelli, some just call me wicce, witch, blue, billy or just Redneck. Either one works, or Lynn.

I am a Republican Wiccan, I do believe that one should work for their earnings instead of people giving it to you, unless it be a present.

I shoot guns, I hunt, I eat meat. (gaaaahhhh i love tha meat)

I do believe in a Goddess, and if you are not of my religion I SHALL NOT CONVERT YOU! No, never. So do not do unto me and i shall not do unto you. (Don't try to convert me, i'll just ignore you...and not like you. And i love people, so please do not make me not like you.)

I have ADD and AHDH. I will certainly change any topic if it comes to awkward silences. People find it somewhat funny, out of the blue, and sometimes brain wracking. (I pride myself in this, yess i do)

As i said i love people, and animals, and plants and water and earth and everything within this world. Yess, even Rocks. (I reeeaaalyy like the shiny ones, don't use glitter!)

I love the color blue and I ,usually only, do water spells and herb medicine to help people and good spells to help those in need.(fortune spells)

SO ANYWAYS! (I just wanted to type that....butt I really have nothing else to say....or do I? o.O Not really.

BLESSED BE AND MERRY MEET TO ALL AND TO ALL, have beautiful dreams that make you smile and give you happiness and piece of mind.Make sure you don't dream of unicorns and bunnies, they are actually all out to get us! THERE JUST LYING TO YOU! They actually get their powers from misery and pain from others. That's why they have a weapon on their head!!!! +and sparkles are actually a luring device to draw you into holes. DON"T trust them!!!+

* The Unicorns...They lie!!!*