DOOM! doom doom doom doom doom....doom
i was raised by wolves until i turned 3
i have the super mario background music when hes under ground stuck in my head at all times so its like my background music...
i believe if someone says you immature...pick your nose
i think its cool to speak your mind but that doesnt give you the right to be an asshole about it
sarcasm is the best form of communication
my reality makes no sense cus its not a reality
i believe there are 1000000 times more people on this planet its just that not everybody can see them
im tired of people saying that members of the opposite sex are all the same becus how the f*ck would they know right?(not to offend anyone who's actually said it but i mean come on)
i believe if you cant say anything nice scream it really loud in your head then go home and murder your pillow to get out the balled up surpressed anger that way it doesnt give you a tumor the size of a grape fruit biggrin
i believe that people that believe all goths worship the devil are dumbasses who hide behind thier religion to keep themselves from having to see the world from another persons perspective and they deserve to have thier ass kicked for jumping to such a f*cking retarded conclusion. im not goth but i got friends who happen to go under that category
i like to wear black nail polish and eyeliner i used to cut but i was given a rubber band to stop...i try (i do not worship the f*cking devil)
this is steve signing out