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~ Oct. 4th, 2008 ~
I have a new profile layout. Woo.

Newest picture or drawing:

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About me

Hello, I'm Why_00 but my nickname is Emi.
Let's see...
I'm usually pretty shy and I don't post very much on the forums, but if I get past that I can hold up a conversation pretty well. Oh, and I love getting PM's, it makes the day a lot less boring. ^^

For hobbies and such I love to draw and I've taken up sewing cosplay costumes recently. I love to play DDR, but for other activities I'm usually in the water as much as possible. in the summer I wake board and surf(whenever i can get to the ocean), and in the winter I ski and snowboard.

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Hey look! Why_00's journal!

This is basicaly the daily happenings of my life.



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Report | 02/28/2010 5:23 am


OMFG you are very talented! I can't do that with color... wow.
Good night.... and yes, I'll e-mail you >w<

Report | 02/28/2010 5:14 am


Haha... well... this has been a very strange night uhhh.. hah... ;-;
I betcha those drawings are gonna be awesome, you better get to it cool
I'll ttyl... for now, I'm gonna rest... v.v

Report | 02/28/2010 5:03 am


Yeah, I understand D=
this is kinda sad though from my end haha...
I won't ever sell those items btw, well not until I stop being a regular either.
Yeah, if I ever quit those are the item I will give away for only 1g.

Report | 02/28/2010 4:49 am


O_O So that's what you were doing. I saw your store was being camped by vendors and I realized you were online.
Well... if you want to give them to me I would appreciate them Q_Q Are you quitting gaia?
And yeah, the military sounds hard, but I need a kick in the a** anyway ;D haha.

Report | 02/28/2010 4:41 am


You are always working so hard~! >w< That's really good though, makes me think you are just setting yourself up to be successful!
And yeah, I've been pretty good haha, I'll be going into the military in june! ;D It's gonna be really intense. Since we last talked I really haven't done much with my life though, I am soooo lazy it's terrible, the military is what i need to get myself to do something with my life.

Report | 02/28/2010 4:37 am


Yeah! =D
How are you? Jeeze, my last comment says we haven't in 8 months???

Report | 02/28/2010 4:35 am


Ooooo, you're online :3
ToRiMiTsUkI 1

Report | 06/03/2009 4:48 pm

ToRiMiTsUkI 1


ToRiMiTsUkI 1

Report | 06/03/2009 4:14 pm

ToRiMiTsUkI 1

Tori was here! Love ya!

Report | 06/03/2009 6:09 am


Pretty good! =D
But right now I am just relaxing it's a good time for me really >w<


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