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Gender: Female

Birthday: 08/02


26|Single|Queer Ace|Cali

Hi I'm Gena some people call me
Genie or dino, whatever boats your float.
I'm your average college drop out trying
to find my place in a world that punishes those that don't fit the mold.
Working my way up the corporate ladder even though I hate it.
But I'd leave it all to travel the world and be with nature.

My favorite pastime is telling people I have plans, when I'm really having a date with my bed.

My brain is just all over the place

Phone calls give me anxiety just text me grandma.

Dutch Bros > Starbucks
I make shitty avi's and code shitty profiles.
Always hungry.

Remember you always have a choice, this is
your sign to do what you love.

"In a society that profits
from self doubt, liking yourself
is a rebellious act."
Lets be rebels.


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