A little about this chick :)

Hi, to the people of gaia. Well, lets start off by saying my name. It's Mica. So i guess this is where i tell you about myself. Im 14. Blowing candles on the 24th of june. Im currently single. Well im viet which means im asian. Im thee type of girl who likes to have fun && laugh. When your with me you will probably laugh at least once. Im living in the state of corn but also living it so thee fullest with no regrets. s**t happens for a reason && i just learn to live && deal with it. Im always up to meeting new people && making new friends. Im reallie easy to get along with but if you dont like me at first then thats your problem. Dont judge me bcuz you dont knoe me well enough. Get to knoe me, you wont regret it. Imma freshman walking the halls && learning at HHS. Well i think thats enough about me. Got any questions ? Message or comment. Love Ya !

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Aim: xxheyitsmemicaxx
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