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Merp ^3^


Hello & my name is Kitsu or Wolfy, whichever you prefer. ^^ Here mostly for Roleplay, looking for a couple lasting Roleplays and hopefully meet some new friends in the process. Just a couple quick things about me you'll probably wanna know.

~I do both genders. Although I am not as well versed in doing males as I am with females. But practice makes perfect.
~I do any pairings whether it be male/male, female/female/ female/male. I personally think I do better with same sex pairings but like I said, I'll do whatever,
~I do NOT wanna do roleplay that is meant to stay in the bedroom. I like story and details, not constant smut. Don't get me wrong, sex is great- but in my opinion a roleplay doomed to be constant sex is doomed to stay a one trick pony.
~I'm pretty literate, obviously not as literate as some of the vets on here but I can still pop out a decent paragraph or so per post. If my posts are shorter it may be because I'm replying from my phone or I'm on Netflix or something and trying to get back to whatever I was doing (I don't have TV where I live so my fiance and I mostly watch TV and stuff on my laptop)
~If you have decent plot in mind, throw it out there. Ideas are good!!

Now that the formalities are out of the way, on to the cravings!!

Jack Frost
-Male X OC (Preferably girl but I could do something with male)

Fruits Basket
-any of the Sohma family pairings are acceptable
-Kyo/Haru and OC (Girl preferably)

Elfen Lied
-Lucy X Nana
-Lucy X OC(Boy or girl)

Blue Exorcist
-Rin X OC (girl)
-Rin X Yukiio

Disney Princess
-Any princess pairing (These are girl girl obviously)

Warped Tour Bands
-Band Member X OC
-Band Member X Band Member
-Bands I mostly do are; Black Veil Brides, Bring me the Horizon, Sleeping with Sirens, Pierce the Veil, Falling in Reverse, Asking Alexandria, Of Mice & Men, A Day to Remember, T Mills

-OCxOC (both living and trying to survive in Rapture
-Andrew RyanXOC


I'm really into Victorian Era horror Rp, as well as wolves (Shapeshifter/werewolf). Any cool idea thats fantasy or scy-fy I'll probably be into. So If any of the plots above fit your fancy or you just want someone to RP with, please PM me! I mostly roleplay through SKype or PM but will do threads or email or even KIK if requested!

ϮҺαηқ Уѳʊ!❤

†ħε ωħї†ε Vїxxxεη


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R A B i D P i X i E S Report | 12/01/2016 5:55 pm
R A B i D P i X i E S

I'm your husbando. Hehehe.

LURVE youuuuu
GER_wolf_FLAME0924 Report | 11/23/2016 4:42 pm
answer me please!
DarkKnightSeptimus Report | 09/16/2009 10:16 pm
Au3 Report | 09/14/2009 6:45 am
Haha, sorry been too busy to change it. Sorry, but it'll probably stay that way
xPurpleCatx Report | 08/26/2009 10:35 pm
LMAO! x3
TheBestDinosaur Report | 08/18/2009 7:18 pm
nope im haveing a horrible day XD hbu?
rinsletandgir Report | 08/18/2009 6:26 pm
nothing u?
depressed emo kid3257 Report | 08/18/2009 7:44 am
depressed emo kid3257
rinsletandgir Report | 08/17/2009 9:56 pm
rinsletandgir Report | 08/17/2009 9:16 pm
oh yes i did ty


†ħε ωħї†ε Vїxxxεηღ

❤"Show me what it's like to dream in black and white. So I can leave this world tonight. Holding on too tight, breathe a breath of life. So I can leave this world behind."- BB❤

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