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This is my store! Thank you for stopping by. I hope you have fun shopping! I'll try to update every now and then so watch out for great prices! Have a good day! =)


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-IchiRuki- Lie To Me (New Favorite Song)

Thank You

This is a special part of my profile thanking all the people who sent me gifts. Also I would like to thank my friends on Gaia and all the people who helped me on this site, played games with me and took the time to talk to me and say hello! Thank you!

- This goes out to NovemberSlayer who sent an Angel Imp Plushie, Bump Ring, Christian Siriano's Magenta Flow Gown, Improbability Sphere Ring, a Fitness Ring, Wine Hippie Shoes, Jack's Grab Bag 2k7 6/8, Single Blue Daffodil - Green Bouquet, Aquarium Fountain, Levianthan's Grace (Chest), Aquarium Cuttlefish, Chained Pocket Watch, Devil Imp Plushie, Bishr Doll, Blood Drop Brooch, Eustace & Ethel, Dark Elf's Aura, Kokeshi Fan, Mimzy Aura, Romantic Mauve Voluptuous Wrap Dress, Heart shaped box of sweets, Ruby Forehead Jewel, Sentry Security: Santiago, Glasses, Gray Peasant Gloves, Black Umbrella, Natural Coral Pendant, Lucky Star, Audrey's Black Ankle Strap Heels, Angelic Mood Bubble, Celebrity Snare Hulk Impact Crater, Pink Uchiwa Fan, Smashing Cities, Assassin's Guise, Felicia's Wise Gown, Pink Bow Minidress and Fancy Gloves! Thank you soooo much!!! Thank you! THANK YOU!!! *cries in happiness* Thank you!!! YAY presents!!! *jumps around in joy* THANKS! THANK YOU!!! Thank you very much. THANK YOU! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Thank you very much. THANK YOU!!!!!

- This goes out to my friend IxxJoeyxxI who gave me Ebony Butterfly Terrycloth Tube-Top, Black Heart Hairpin, G-LOL Dark Dollie Socks and Seafoam Gown! Thank you soooo much!! *smile*

- This goes out to my friend kadira4ever123 who so kindly sent a Rose Ruffed Ribbon Tie Top (that was on my wishlist) as a gift. Thanks a lot!

- This goes out to my friend oOPandaLoveOo who generously gave me Yokai's Treasure, Coraline Antique Gold Key, ORLY? Hat, Syaoran's Goggles and Naruto Kunai. Thank you very much and hope to chat with you soon! Thanks!

- This goes out to Sheltari who gave me a Detective Kit and Orphan's Elephant Doll! Thanks a lot! YAY!!!

- This goes out to my friend Raziel Zaphkiel who kindly gave me a Fai Coat, Skittles Rainbow and Sakura's Cloak. Thank you very much!

- This goes out to my friend XXXXXDEIILXXXXX who got me a Panda Plushie! Thank you so much! *bows*

- This special thank you goes out to my friend Omgorn who bought a Lunar Scythe for a low price and agreed to trade with me in exchange for gold. Thank you very much for waiting until I got the gold and also thank you for trading with me. He also got me Langer the Dragon Plush! Thank you very much! YAY! Thank you. Thanks!

- This special thanks goes out to my friend Demetrius Kagran who gave me a Flame Sword, Aquarium Helmet and 10K in a trade and who also gave me awesome gifts: Vampire Hunter Hat, Red Gunner Coat, Green Corallus Egg 2nd gen, Gray Torque Pants, Aquarium Cuttlefish, Yellow Toaster and Fairy Wings! Thank you soooooooooooooo much! THANK YOU!!! THANKS!!! YAY!!! Thank you very much! YAY!!! *smiles*

- This goes out to my friend W r a t h f u l M e who gave me G-LOL Dark Mistress Skirt, Roco Rochel Costume Bracelet and Sweetheart Gold Earrings in a trade! Thank you soooo much! YAY!

- This goes out to my friend Randomly Alli who got me some Gray SKA shoes for my birthday! Thankies! x3

-This goes out to my awesome friend I-Be-Jane who made an awesome trade with me that consisted of cool stuff like Coral Staff, Chapeau Demonique, Silver Deluxe Holiday Legwarmers and Charon's Vessel! Awesomeness!!! THANKIES!!!

-This goes out to my friend Sheltari who got me a Cherry and an Epic Fail Hat for my birthday! Thanks!! x3

-This goes out my buddy I-Be-Jane who got me a White Poinsettia Hairpiece for my birthday! Thanks a lot!

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Hi! Welcome to my profile! You can call me Anna. People describe me as a funny, kind and hyper person.

Feel free to comment on anything you see on my profile.

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Coming soon...XD I know it's annoying but it'll be ready soon!


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This is my journal. Usually, I write about a topic that pops into my head and just go from there. I hope you enjoy reading my posts and thank you for visiting!


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Thanks for selling.
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OH MAH GAWD whats up amber! long time no chat!
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Heyyy long time no see!
How are you??