I changed my hair!!! >x< I like this hairstyle cuz i've been reading & watching D.Gray-Man a lot recently and i really like it!!! This hairstyle is like the hairstyle Lenalee (my favorite character) had in one of the episodes. And also because its really cute~~~!

ABOUT ME: ------>
NAME: Whatever you want to call me~!

AGE: its a s-e-c-r-e-t~!

APPEARANCE: Asian(not to be racist or anything >.> wink so i have 'yellow' but REALLY tanned skin(the result of spending a lot of time outside >_> wink with black past-the-shoulders hair(which are usually in low pigtails or a ponytail) with bangs(and layers but you can't see them that well...) Average height (but i'm not done with my growth spurt yet...) And not fat, but not skinny either ^^;; i think...

My Beloved Friends (that i kno in person) <3:
-xxLovelessxDreamerxx-My friend, Sora-chan who loves Pikachu and the person who introduced me to anime/manga & gaia!!!
-Sen_Uzumaki123- My friend who loves naruto just as much(or more) then i do!!! (thus, her name ^^) And she loves gum~!
-Faleine-My(year younger) friend who is WAY taller then me O.o She's the spaz queen of W snaps, but she rocks! biggrin
-hani-cherry- Hani~! So sad that we never were in the same class T-T but we're still friends~! :3
-nectar_juice-Ah...nectar_juice...she never goes on gaia that much anymores T-T But still my bud! smile
-puddingkitty-Another friend who didn't stay on gaia for long T-T But she's still uber cool~!
-sugarbaby07-Yayz~! My friend Em who is the AWESOMEST!!!
-cherry418-My Bleach lovin' friend who actually introduced me to Bleach!!!(sorta... >_> wink

Friends i met online~ <3 (ACK! So many O.o) :
-xxXangel-chanXxx-My fellow angel who i met on another site <3 Yayz!!! Love ya~!
-GrafxEisen-My friend who i met 'cuz of Angel-chan~! Yayz (^-^)V
-Shilong-My [guy]friend who is the NICEST person you'll EVER meet online~!
-Larku the Neko-My friend who i met 'cuz of xXLoveless-DreamerXx who met Larku-san at a camp!!! Hope i can meet ya someday!!!
-angelic-cat15-My friend who loves a lot of the same anime/manga as me~! <3
-Chiikage-My RPGing friend who is REALLY awesome at it!!!
-Misuzi-My friend who loves HinataxNaruto couple like me!!!
-Yuna FfX2 -yuna-My friend who like A LOT of the same anime/manga as me(and Yuna btw) <3

Thanks everybody for being AWESOME friends~! <3 (^-^)V

FAMILY: My Mom, Dad, and my baby brother Danny who is 3 years old(and yet not even potty-trained -_-)but he's adorable! ><

FAVORITE COLOR: Blue, Orange, and Green!

NATIONALITY: Chinese American (Parents Chinese, i was born in the states ^x^)

FAVORITE SINGERS/BANDS: Kelly Clarkson, Aly & AJ, The Jonas Brothers, Green Day(a little), The Beu Sisters, Some chinese singers, Maaya Sakamoto, Ayumi Hamasaki, YUI, Demi Lovato

ANIME AND/OR MANGA:CardCaptor Sakura (me love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles(me love!!!!!!!!!!!! >< wink , Daa Daa Daa, DNAngel, Angelic Layer, One Piece, Naruto, Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, xxxHolic, Naruto, Anima, Tokyo Mew Mew (and Ala Mode), Hamtaro,Kirarin Revolution, Shugo Chara, Orange Planet, Digimon Frontier, Special A(SA), Bleach, D.Gray-Man, Kodocha and Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch.
PS i've also watched others but those were on tv so that doesn't really count...

OTHER STUFF: I like Comedy/Romance mixes with really good plots. I also like Fantasy and magic stuff like Harry Potter! ^^ I like to read, i wish i could draw well, but i suck at it =P ...and...i like free stuff that aren't ripoffs! Well, i like to ride on my bike and stuff during the winter, and i like to rollerblade if the road isn't bumpy...i get pretty good grades and... that's about it! ^^

OTHER: I don't go on gaia a lot anymore, but you can always go on my blog ( http://lost-feathers.blogspot.com )

Donations and Gifts: xxLovelessxDreamerxx 2k heart , Faleine 1k heart , xxangel-chanxx Gold BFF charm necklace heart if you have donated and i don't have you up here, tell me so i can add you!!!

Thanks for reading~! (^-^)V Buh Bye! (T-T)/


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Pretty avi

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do u still go on???

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very nice avatar

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r u going???

idk wut it is tho

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christine has to go too

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freshmen dance? hmm...i dunno User Image

r u going?

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i probably wont go with SOMEONE cuz i totally cant imagine that Dx

gah! im scared T^T

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i cant stay on for long cuz i have to leave at like 2:30

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oh well i will give u one anyway ^^

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