Well, this says "About" so I suppose I'm supposed to put something here about me..............Well, too bad. I'm not going to. > biggrin

Kara DarkLight - V Pin (left half)
Reverend Smooth - White Paper Cat Band
Magic_Rajik - 900 G, Ice Tiara, Winter Fox Mink
Ronda - 2900 G
bahamut2k456 - 870 G

THANK YOU GUYS!!! ^-^ You rock!!

Teh Riena is... A block of tofu - Jinku AKA MoS
My brain - ~BrokenWingz~
A pretty word for ringworm or the clap - xEnErGiZeRxBuNnIx
Goat Milk - Secra (wtf Secra? mad D )
Your mom - Zhaafia
Your mom - [.Paiji.]
abnormal fish mutant that eats frogs - shinyane
thts noise...what noise...that one... oh that one... yeah you know the one I'm talking about... dude I have'nt got a clue what we were talking about... yeah me either. - EverAfter_RedsBeloved
the mysterious noise you hear behind you but can never seem to pin point when you turn around in curiosity and fear of it. - EverAfter_RedsBeloved
is something mysteriously mysterious. - News Reporter Seishin
a homemade pie baked with motherly love. - DyslexicEditor
a delicious taffy pulled by the taffy masters of Taffidum. domokun - DyslexicEditor
a cough medicine that makes people happy - [. .Captain_Solo. .]

haha. Just kidding. You really thought I wasn't going to tell you anything about me, huh? mad D Okay, forget I said that. I'm bored and starting to ramble again. Crap.

Name: Riena Wyvern
Occupation: Aspriring model, actress, and singer and a student
Hobbies: performing in genral, acting, SHOPPING, talking, RPing, writing, drawing, and a shitload of other stuff I'm forgetting. mad D
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Land Animal: Fox
Favorite Flying Animal: Dragon ^^
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 120 lbs
Instruments: Took two years of violin and self-taught guitar

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My RaMbLiNgS

This is just a journal to write my thoughts. I'll probably never update it, but since I can never remember my own life, I figured it would be a good thing to have.


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Thank you for your purchase! heart

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Thank you for your purchase heart
Come again Soon biggrin

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Thanx for buying!

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I have decide to Spontaneously Comment upon your Profile~
Handy Dandy D i l d o

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Handy Dandy D i l d o

Thanks for the purchase, and have a excellent day! ^^ (btw, I <3 ur profile!)

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That is one massive wish list.

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Your knuffles are dying, WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY FOR YOURSELF?!

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Ur knuffle, Chi Chi is simply adorable so I had to feed it.
-Less than Graceful-

Report | 07/09/2007 8:48 am

-Less than Graceful-

how imense can a wish list be? good luck affording all of that!

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thanks for voting and commenting for me in the arena User Image


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