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The continuous story of my life... XD

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All right!

Randomness will come through this journal as if flying, and I will explain all my feelings in it... If there is anything that offends you I apologize, but I will not let your criticism destroy what I have placed in this book...

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whee whee whee HEY PEEPS!!! whee whee whee

Everything in my store is DEFINATELY a BARGAIN! I will NEVER sell an item for what it is worth and ALWAYS sell it below it's actual price in the stores!!! 3nodding So... BUY it now, get it CHEAP!


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X3 This is ME! X3

Whispers of a Dream's avatar

Last Login: 02/12/2020 10:32 pm

Registered: 04/20/2007

Gender: Female

Birthday: 03/08/1989

Want to know more about me? READ THIS AND FIND OUT! XD

~*~*~*~ Bejeweled Upon The Visage of a Romantic~*~*~*~

Just some facts about me:

Age: 27

Favorite Color(s): Purple and Green

Gender: Female.... That's sorta apparent, huh? whee

Actual Hair Color: Brown with Copper highlights

Actual Skin Color: A natural tan

Eye Color: A very beautiful green! I love my eyes! heart

Favorite Element: whee Earth! whee I love trees, flowers, and everything that has to do with vitality or dwelling elegance....

Status: Taken by my awesomazing husband! heart

Likes 3nodding :having best friends to be there beside me, anime, food, sleep, and having fun!

Dislikes: Anyone who picks on people, Stuck-up-their-own-butts-to-where-they-can't-see-anyone-elses'-feelings people, tears, brocoli, and liars...

Favorite Food: Pizza..... (DUH!!! WHO DOESN'T LIKE IT?!?!?!?)

Occupation: To take over the world....

Classified as: An Anime/Manga Lover(Romantic/Action/Comedy/Anything I can get my hands on...)

Animal I am most like: I have to say a dog.... I am loyal, fun, ADORABLE (ha ha ha!!!), and can be taught how to do anything just by giving me a treat!!! heart heart heart

Best at: Caring for others, being a Drama geek, being a good friend, being a peace-maker, playing the Flute, being a comedian, being a wierdo, enjoying what is given to me, trust, drawing, singing, dreaming...

Worst at: Losing weight! (ha ha ha!!! WHO ISN'T?) Covering my true feelings with a mask of joy... Sometimes I don't know when to stop "being annoying" (You have to be straight forward if you want me to quit bothering you...)



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Helessa Report | 01/31/2020 12:32 pm
I need to change your outfit again. It has long since passed Halloween. Also, I wish Gaia would either make more emojis or get new ones for these are old and do not fully express the range of emotions the new generations of gaians have.
Helessa Report | 09/25/2019 9:50 am
I miss you very much and wish you could play more often. I know I haven't been on frequently myself. It'd be nice to get your input on things.
Helessa Report | 06/06/2019 12:50 pm
I can't wait to see you! I can't wait to draw Collin (happening today!) I am so excited!
Helessa Report | 06/05/2019 6:29 pm
I showed you the progress on Aaron Artman. I'm very glad you like it! We may discuss this in the near future but I will cover this here. Collin wants to commission me for a profile pic. I decided I will draw his request but I could not accept payment from him. Just like with you and Squirt I could not charge him. You all do so much for me. It would be against my principles to make you pay me when I can never repay you. We are both pretty stubborn so this is going to be so much fun! xd
Helessa Report | 06/02/2019 6:18 am
I got that pre-work stress out going on right now. That anxiety and dread that comes with the territory. I feel that I shouldn't have these feelings with a job that one can't sustain a living with. It shouldn't be and isn't worth the mental exhaustion. It would be different if it were a career and I had this mental distress. At least then I would feel that I am getting paid for my output. I know this is just a rant this time. I feel bad about my complaining when there is so much worse going on right now. I'll be vague because this is not the place for private matters. I guess I am doing the best I can given the circumstances so I just have to continue to take care of me by doing what helps me get through in the most legal and least harmful way. That sounded menacing but whatevs.
Helessa Report | 06/01/2019 9:00 am
I did have buyback. It was a tough day for me mentally. I just sat in my car and cried after work. Pitiful and pathetic, I know. I'm going to mom and dad's on Monday and staying the week. I will also be house sitting for them as they will be going on a vacation here soon. I don't have all the details on their destination or even plans. Maybe you do. I should message you and see how you are doing. I love you!
Helessa Report | 05/31/2019 7:36 am
I go to work today. It may not be much but it is something rather than nothing. I close too which makes it even more difficult. I wonder if they will have me on the register or buyback this time. I wish I had more drive and initiative to have my own small business doing art for people. This includes but is not limited to: pottery, portraiture, tattoo designs, and digital pieces. Wouldn't that be exciting to have my passion as my profession? I know I would get bored of it, stressed by it, and tired from it. But it would be something I could feel accomplished and satisfied by. Not these part time jobs that get me no where. Maybe I could sell my work on the side and use that money to travel with! Now that is a thought. Spruce up my tumblr or deviant art with my work as well as offer irl commissions through Gaia. Let's see how long this inspiration lasts.
Helessa Report | 05/30/2019 8:52 am
It was great talking to you again. As you know I had to stifle some tears because of how much I miss you, Brawl, and the little guy. It is my hope to come visit next week. Even if all I do is draw while you do mom things.
Helessa Report | 05/29/2019 6:19 am
Making my daily rounds. I've decided I don't like this new avie I made you. I shall design a new one. I know you won't see the changes but trust me, It'll be better than all black.
Aaron Artman Report | 05/28/2019 7:49 am
Aaron Artman
All things considered you getting on rn might not be the best idea as you have no means to get more items to dress up with... I probably should have taken that into consideration before I decided to buy Brawl all the things.
Aaron Artman
the Great Mister S