Profile v4.0

    I'm so disorganised lately. So i decided to update my profile o:
    A little about me:

    Name: Sam -cringe-
    Age: 16
    Sign: Libra
    Birthday: 17th October
    Colours: Orange, Yellow, Pink, Green, Purple, Blue.. D: (Anything bright<3)
    Personality: Flamboyant, Sarcastic, Loving, Fickle, Indecisive, Fair.
    Looks: >>> <<<
    Eep -hides-
    Movies: Amélie (My Favourite Film), War of the Worlds, Day after Tomorrow, Death Becomes Her (Second Favourite)

    Books: Angels and Demons, Da Vinci Code, Boy Meets Boy (<3).

    Manga: Paradise Kiss (<3), Princess Ai.

    Music: The Scissor Sisters (<33), Panic! ATD, The Feeling, Imogen Heap, Britney (xD), No Doubt.

    Awesome People (You have to love them okay?): Ace<3 (Teh.Ace) Trinity (xDynamitex)