Hey my name is Paige I'm 17 and I live in Wisconsin I love a guy who's willing to go out of his way and help there girlfriend. I like a guy who's nice and I can trust. I like to cuddle and I'm very outgoing I love to go out and have fun. I'm a party animal. I'm the kind of girl you want to bring to parties. I'm kinda immature when I want to be. Once you get to know me I'm actually a sweet heart.

This is your love hacking you AKA BARBIE IS OBSCENE heart 3nodding
I love you to death and we have been friends since forever
We got pretty distant from each other this past year, and I really missed you..
So I hit you up on facebook, and I was like what a BABE.
I hope that one day we will meet and hang out
I forgot where on gaia we actually met.. it sucks that I cant remember that..
I hope you are having a wonderful time in school..
And if you ever, EVER, EEVVEERR need someone to talk to I'm here for you and I'm a text or a message away.. heart heart
I love you and no words will explain that..
Have a good day everyday and I can't wait for more memories to come!
Real, good friends only come once in a life time, and I found one of mine..
It's destiny that we met.
2009~2014 heart heart
Love your girl Kendra