I am a pre-op transman, on testosterone, my desired name is on all of my legal papers.

I workout when I am able.

I am teaching myself Korean, and brushing up on German, Italian, Spanish, and maybe Latin.

I dabble in the Arts, and haven't read much lately except for smutty fanfiction...

I prefer masculine pronouns, custom pronouns (xy,xym,xys,xymself) and the names Myke, Mische, and Michelangelo.
My body parts are about as much your business as what I do in the bedroom.
I don't bother trying to label my orientation because I don't see the point.

I dislike nosy people, but I'm nosy.
Edit: I have developed a threshold for the curious, and pretend they don't exist after they've crossed it.
I dislike favoritism.
Edit: because I feel guilty when pampered, shitty when someone expects too much, and shitty when someone else feels bad for being looked over.
I dislike my dad's lack of fashion...
Edit: his sense of fashion is as hectic and colorful as he.

I always like people right off the bat, until they say something absofugginlutely stupid.

I can be the sweetest, most protective person you'll meet... Or the a*****e who warns the protected of your plans.

My blog is 18+. View at your own risk.


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Does it matter?

Random bits of happy and not-so happy.


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thank u 4 buying at my store
hope u like it n enjoy it
hope to see u again soon cat_smile

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Thanks for buying!

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idgi :c

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Prince Charmant

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Prince Charmant

I'm definitely in a similar boat, just the last little while though.
My boyfriend will be leaving in a month ish and I'll end up handling it horribly, self-esteem issues the last couple days, diabetes frustrations, etc.
My life has definitely been better but this isn't too bad compared to before. [:
Why are you in a 'blugh' mood? ;c
Prince Charmant

Report | 06/22/2012 12:07 pm

Prince Charmant

Hello. d; I'm not sure why you added me, not that I mind considering I remember you from ages ago when I posted in dls.
Maybe you remembered me or just added me for the sake of it. Regardless, how have you been? (:
Charmander Sex

Report | 12/30/2010 9:07 am

Charmander Sex

Makes me feel the same way. That's why it was love at first sight when I found it. crying heart Haha.

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Ah, not much. Trying to get back into roleplaying, prepping for midterms. Stuff.
How've your holidays been?

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Hmm, cool name =3

Anyhow, I was looking through some old messages and saw a convo we ahd. Thought I'd drop a line.
So, hey. What's up?
Ghost of War

Report | 12/10/2010 12:13 pm

Ghost of War

*smirks* Thank you.


do you believe in magic?