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Getta gold o' me. I don't bite... hard.

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Me wardrobe ta be lookin me best for the kiddies!

Me interests.

Remind me to update my interests.

An ol' Pirate's dreams...


Ahoy an have a warm welcome ta Freddy Fazbear's!

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Ahoy thar, laddies and lasses! I be Foxy tha Pirate Fox! Enjoy some o' tha best pizza arround tha seven seas! We be lovin ta see yer smilin faces! Be surre ta stick close ta yer mom an dad an follow all tha rules here at Freddy Fazbear's! Enjoy the shows an sing along with Frreddy, Chica, an Bonnie as they play some good ol' tunes! Then ye can be visitin me in tha Pirate's cove ferr some treasure huntin! We all be looking forward ta seein yerr smilin faces! Ahahaharr!!

What all ye landlubbers be sayin ta Ol' Foxy

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AliceXTrancy Report | 03/08/2016 10:38 pm
heart heart heart heart heart Yay a foxy fan thank you for the add!
Rings56 Report | 12/31/2015 8:04 am
I'm doing great! I just gotta add Downtown cuz I checked and she wasn't there.
Mike Schmidt the Guard Report | 12/21/2015 9:41 am
Mike Schmidt the Guard
Wait what? I'm not Santa Foxy!!!! I don't fly around granting gifts to everyone with a squad of reindeer. I'm a minimum wage worker with issues. >:U
Mike Schmidt the Guard Report | 12/21/2015 9:27 am
Mike Schmidt the Guard
>:U Foxy! Get off of me!!!!!! This is a very dangerous situation! -squirm-
Mike Schmidt the Guard Report | 05/13/2015 5:13 pm
Mike Schmidt the Guard
Of course it will! >:U
account been moved Report | 05/12/2015 9:06 pm
account been moved
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(( I don't do PMs. But I can comment on your profile. My day was great. Thank you, forth child ))

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User 18126531 Report | 05/12/2015 12:13 am
User 18126531
oooooo damn, foxey, m8 u gettin' upgrades mate wink
User 18126531 Report | 05/08/2015 5:38 pm
User 18126531
wOAHHHH FOXEYYY, MAH MATE,, YA'VE UPGRADED YER OUTFIT IT LOOKS AWESOME holy s**t.. xD (when i talk to ya i feel like i HAVE to talk to you like that)
Mike Schmidt the Guard Report | 05/08/2015 11:38 am
Mike Schmidt the Guard
That's...what I THOUGHT! >:U -table flip- =u=
Mike Schmidt the Guard Report | 05/06/2015 3:25 pm
Mike Schmidt the Guard
That pose...must be used when we meet up! >:U I DEMAND IT! DEMAND IT I SAY!!! -slams down gavel- I have spoken! NEXT CASE!



PEople who be brave enough to visit me cove!