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AlwaysBoth Report | 04/18/2011 2:59 pm
Bita boo Report | 02/21/2010 5:29 am
Bita boo
Dr_Ace Report | 07/11/2009 2:12 pm
Hahah. It's all good. Have fun in Paris. ^^;;;
HannaBannana Report | 07/11/2009 1:10 pm
I lurk the GD when I'm really bored XD
HannaBannana Report | 07/11/2009 12:28 pm
Im pretty good, spending a lot of the summer going to the movies XD

I have no job .___.

o: Apple doesn't come to the thread no moar! *gasp*
(meh my RL friend doesn't come to the thread anymore either)
HannaBannana Report | 07/09/2009 10:15 am
*sits in your profile being awesome* o u o

Hai Wellers

*looks at comment below*
is that apple?! o:
Tarack Ollama Report | 07/05/2009 1:52 pm
Tarack Ollama
haha those were the days!
Tarack Ollama Report | 07/05/2009 6:33 am
Tarack Ollama
haha i love how it reminded you of me but don't know if that's a good thing XP
Tarack Ollama Report | 07/04/2009 4:08 pm
Tarack Ollama
hahaha aw that brings back memories
but unfortunately it was not shwifty fife!
-3gwen- Report | 07/01/2009 10:01 am
ok then

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This Is B00tz

An insight
A few things to know
♥I have been on gaia since '04 this is my third account, due to stalkers and hackers. I class myself as a bit of an oldbie. I am not as new as you think =D
♥Bootz reserves the right to be a b*tch if you piss her off.
♥Although I am a nice person
♥I can be quite a perv... I find it funny.
♥Loves being a little bit odd.
♥I really hates chat speak and people who beg. Please don't.
♥Music changes my mood. It influences my life.
♥I love to laugh. I do have a sense of humour.
♥B00 loves her artsies, they are her gaia family!
Respect them or fear my wrath...

The Person Behind The Avi

Gets Called Chaz, Charl, Lottie, Gay-Face.
Turned Seventeen on June Nineteeth
Is British and a Mackem.
Plays Bass, although it has been abducted by her boyfriend.
Is taken and completely happy about the fact.
Loves tattoo's and thinks they are the ultimate sexiness and can't wait till she can get inked herself!
Is adventurous, daring and usually a lovely person to be around.
Second year of college and can't wait for it to be done.
You want to win her heart buy her Ben and Jerry's ice-cream or supply her with skittles.
My life just keeps changing. But that is the way of the world.

Quog Is My Guru!

♥ Quoggy is my stalker, one of my best friends here on gaia, and he is one of the most amazing guys. EVER. He makes me smile. Don't ever mess!

What he thinks of me: welliepoo is an upstanding member of the community, a top notch betty and as cute as a button, shes also addicted to skittles so offering her bribes of such will always result in 110% of her effort put forth.

Skittles Poetry <3 by Ra ii nbow-Sl ii pers

A rainbow of sugary purity
bites of teenage angst,
sprinkled on the cold creamy delight of desert ice.

The taste, sweet
Almost overtly so
joyously filling,
even after a burnt pot-roast

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