July 13
Tarzan is the best, animated film fight me (1)
Hufflepuff | Thunderbird
Spruce wood with a Phoenix feather core 12 ΒΌ" and Slightly Springy flexibility
My Patronus is a brown hare fight me (2)

I don't go online on Gaia as much as the average person here, but I'll provide some social media links through PM if one wishes to keep in touch with me!

Quick stuff about me: I'm a writer, leaning more towards creative works like stories or literature roleplay. I do a lot of games too, such as RPGs, shooters, and rogue-likes.

I know this isn't much of a "Hey, this is me lol" thing, but I'm never good with these. I'm currently working as a programmer in some random bank and frankly, I feel content with my position there, at least at my age right now. Sooner or later I wanted to move to another country and expand my skills as a professional (Boring, I know).

Real talk, though, recently I've been feeling a lot more anxious of myself these days and, while it doesn't really go away, I just appreciate the fact that there are people from the internet who'd support me through this. They're great people, all of them, even the ones that I don't get to talk to a lot. Just their presence is enough for me to feel glad. (ew creep gtfo)