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Emma / CA / 18
drumming and bass guitar
hobbies: sleeping
other stuff about me that no one reads but if they're bored they do:
yum_tuna Canadian/Filipino (makes me look hispanic lmfao)
yum_tuna I love hellokitty but im not the girly type
yum_tuna fav color is red
yum_tuna I like anime but im picky with it
yum_tuna played video games basically since I was a 4 (not over exaggerated),
yum_tuna I love spicy food, I love zomg,
yum_tuna my favorite thing to do is sleep,
yum_tuna I'm catholic, im proud of what I believe in and this is Gaia.. so.... I really could give no ******** about your negative opinion of religion.

♥Cats emotion_omnomnom