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raydog57 Report | 12/31/2008 8:51 pm
Gohan-Super Saiyan -Unlocked before Cell Games. 

Gohan-Super Saiyan 2- Unlocked during Cell Games.
Piccolo -First you must get all special cards on the maps and have beam deck. Then, on the Map after you fight Vegeta with Goku, get Yajirobe's sword, talk to Krillin, and tell him to run, then give the sword to Yajirobe. On Namek, when the Namekian attacks you, dodge to the left. Find all other cards on the maps, and you will unlock him before Frieza VS Goku.
Piccolo-God- Lose to Imperfect Cell, continue, and beat him.
Piccolo-Evil King- Beat 17 and 18 with Future Trunks ONLY. He'll be unlocked when you beat the game.
Krillin- Unlocked on Namek.
Goku -Unlocked before fighting Vegeta on earth.
Goku-Super Saiyan -Unlocked before fighting Freeza on Namek in their final battle.
Goku-Super Saiyan 2 -Unlocked before fighting Majin Vegeta.
Goku-Super Saiyan 3- Unlock Majin Vegeta and all other characters you can during the first round of story mode, he'll be there for story 30.
Vegeta -When you start the game, pick the beam deck from Piccolo. Then fight normally until you reach the second map. Get Yajirobe's sword in the rock formation south of Gohan in the middle of the map. Then go to Krillin and say "yes". Then give the sword to Yajirobe. Then on the next map on Namek, get the Dende card in one of the houses, then find the Dragonball, then when the Namek attacks you, dodge left. Then on the fight with Guldo, use Gohan. And on Recoome, the same. Then on Jeice and Burter, use Goku and Gohan. Now, on the next map, get the card up in the left-top corner in the space pod, then get the dragonballs and tell Krillin to summon the dragon. Vegeta shall be unlocked right before the battle with Ginyu+Jeice.
Vegeta-Super Saiyan -Unlocked after fighting Android 19.
Vegeta-Majin- As Super Saiyan 2 Goku, lose once to Majin Vegeta, continue, beat him, and he'll be unlocked at Fat Buu and after.
Teen Gohan-Super Saiyan- No normal mode for teen Gohan. He's unlocked after Cell is defeated or after the extra story with Trunks.
Teen Gohan-Super Saiyan 2- Beat Buu with Gohan Super Saiyan when Gohan gets off Kai Planet.
Teen Gohan-Strongest Warrior- Unlocked after Gohan leaves Kai Planet.
Future Trunks- When looking at Cell's shell, talk to Trunks until he talks about the future. Then, in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber (as Gohan), check the bottom right jar a lot. You'll get Trunks' sword. He'll be unlocked at the Cell Games.
Future Trunks-Super Saiyan- Unlocked with Future Trunks.
Goten- Beat Young Trunks at the Martial Arts Tournament.
Goten-Super Saiyan -Before the fight with Future Trunks in the Time Chamber.
Young Trunks -Unlock Majin Vegeta and you'll unlock him too.
Young Trunks-Super Saiyan -Before the fight with Future Trunks in the Time Chamber.
Gotenks-Super Saiyan- Play through Trunks' alternate story, and at the last picture when you beat the game, press start a lot.
Gotenks-Super Saiyan 3- Unlocked with Gotenks Super Saiyan.
Vegito -Same as Gotenks.
Nappa- Beat him as Piccolo.
Guldo- Beat him as Krillin.
Recoome -Beat him as Goku.
Jeice and Burter- Beat them as Goku. You can also have Gohan help you.
Ginyu- Beat him and Jeice as Vegeta. You can have anyone help you.
Ginyu-Goku- Beat Ginyu-Goku as the Ginyu you unlocked above.
Freeza- Beat him as Super Saiyan Future Trunks.
Android -16 Have Goku in your party when you fight him.
Android 17 -1. Beat him with Android 20
2. Fight him and 18 in Trunks' Story with 19 and 20.
Android 18 -1. Have Krillin in first position when fighting her and 16.
2. Fight her and 17 in Trunks' Story with 19 and 20.
Android 19 -Beat him as Super Saiyan Vegeta.
Android 20- Beat him as Android 19.
Cell- Beat him with Piccolo.
Cell-Second Form- Beat 17 with first Cell.
Perfect Cell- Have Cell-Second Form in first slot when fighting 18 and 16.
Cell Jr.- Beat him as Perfect Cell.
Fat Buu- Bat him with either Young Trunks or Goten without tu
pain18 greed Report | 12/31/2008 10:42 am
pain18 greed
yep the name is the king of kings
_ariija_ Report | 12/12/2008 11:45 pm
uncha man sis??
Master Demon-Angel teddy Report | 12/07/2008 8:01 am
Master Demon-Angel teddy
Copy /paste this to 10 ppl and the press f5 and f9 at the same time you will get 100,000 gold it really works
chuchu_monster Report | 11/20/2008 8:49 pm
_ariija_ Report | 11/18/2008 1:06 am
Hi! Sister! ^^ MAMMIE!
pain18 greed Report | 11/16/2008 8:38 pm
pain18 greed
pain18 greed Report | 11/16/2008 8:19 pm
pain18 greed
chuchu_monster Report | 11/12/2008 9:59 pm
bleh pud hehe
chuchu_monster Report | 11/11/2008 8:04 pm
unsa naman?


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