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Wazamono わざもの

    Background Art made by Nanduri The Devil


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    -Wazamono has quit- (send him pm for skype or anything else)

    History - He was a 1st class SOLDIER, a member of the Keepers of Honor, dedicated his life for his sensei in SOLDIER, Angeal Hewley.

    Name - Wazamono/Waza
    Gender - Male
    Age - Appears in his mid twenties

    Appearance -Long, yellow hair falls around his shouldier. A scar on his left eye. Shame on people's lack of honor made him wears a mask. A buster sword just like Angeal's is his weapon, alongs with armor, and a Sendai Kanikune katana

    Personality - stoic, calm

    After the death of Angeal, he decided to go see the world outside, and found out that the world is sick. Lack of honors, respect, and justice. He tries to help recovering the world by his presence.

    User behind the avatar

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    I be mostly on zOMG! especially in Gold Beach and sometimes in Bill Ranch
    I lead smEB runs.

    If you need help in your run, feel free to send me a pm, i'd do my best to help you, especially if you are a firsttimer in doing smEB runs



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