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Good day. I'm Watson. I enjoy singing, campfires, and exploring caves and other places where I'm not supposed to go. I'm looking to learn more about the world - particularly about where I live. There shouldn't be so many secrets...

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Helena Lu Report | 12/25/2017 6:53 pm
Helena Lu
I don't mean to gossip, but I'm gonna. You might want to keep your distance from Alison. She's really mean and will probably make fun of you about the giants. I'm convinced she'd just jealous that she hasn't ever seen anything strange like that. She's trying to find someone to travel with now. Probably so she can find something cool to tell everyone about. If she did find anything, how could she not expect that we'd just tell her we don't believe her? That's what she does to everyone else. Anyway, she's been rude ever since we were kids. She's always following me around trying to top everything I do too. I don't even think she wanted to move here way back when, but felt compelled to just so I wouldn't get something that she didn't have too. She's so annoying.
Alison Wood-Quinn Report | 10/22/2017 3:03 pm
Alison Wood-Quinn
Do you really believe in giants? You're messing with me, right?
Dylan Mortez Report | 10/21/2017 4:40 pm
Dylan Mortez
Sweety, you're hilarious. Elliot's my wife. rofl
Helena Lu Report | 04/04/2017 9:27 pm
Helena Lu
Have you ever actually seen one of the giants?
Helena Lu Report | 02/06/2017 6:20 pm
Helena Lu
Yes, I notice his skin-tone is darker, like mine. Where's he from?

I sail around more than my friends do. They actually left home this time just to try to find me. I got a little lost. We're from a warm, sunny island. This place is unbearably cold. How do you not feel gloomy all the time living here?
Norman Crest Report | 02/06/2017 6:09 pm
Norman Crest
My name's Norman Crest. We're in need of charity, if you can spare it. We haven't eaten much for several days and are down to our last drops of water. Is there a town nearby? We don't have much of anything to pay you with and I'm not usually one to beg...
Pepper Rose Report | 02/06/2017 6:01 pm
Pepper Rose
Watson, wait... It's just people.
Pepper Rose Report | 01/17/2017 6:48 pm
Pepper Rose
Please let's try to be more careful... We really don't know what's up there. It's dangerous to rush into a situation like this.
Zelda Faris Report | 01/12/2017 6:25 pm
Zelda Faris
Why are you limping?
Zelda Faris Report | 01/06/2017 4:13 pm
Zelda Faris
I'm sorry for accusing you of stealing. I know you've been getting better about that, and I'm proud of you for it.


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