Please check my journal entry(10/30/11 to 10/23/11) if you want to see my updated, better organized wishlist.
Thank you.

Ellos, I'm Watery or Waterie or whichever play on words you prefer razz
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So many thanks to anyone who has donated or tipped me. Whether I know you or it was a sent anonymously, I appreciate it <3
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I'm a home-buddy.I like doodling and chatting and just chillin' with friends. I also like video games, especially rpgs smile I haven't done actual role-play,in a group, for quite some time. I've made attempts >.> ;

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to keep up with much online. It's not an issue of not having enough time as it is me dealing with IRL stuff that gets in the way. I'll be active to semi-active in an online community but then have to scale it back. It can be a lil tough to explain but to put it simply i get exhausted easily. I'll leave it at that for now.
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On a lighter note. . .

Currently Playing:
Tales of the Abyss.
Final Fantasy XIV (when early access starts.)

Games taking a back seat:
PS3: Eternal Sonata (I'm on a boat)

Webcomics: Amya , Children of the Night, Girls With Slingshots

I love shoujo anime and manga. More so manga, its cheaper to collect and the art can be more detailed then the animation counterpart.
I'm still very sad that Shojo Beat is discontinued :<
and now Tokyopop US no more ;_;
I'm hooked on: smackjeeves webcomics (sorry manga)
Still kinda hooked(but haven't kept up with...manga-wise)
We Where There(Bokura Ga Ita)
Gakuen Alice
Sand Chronicles

Manga Wishlist:
Sailor Moon: vol. 7 and up.
Last 2 volumes of Alice 19th
Host Club
Last half of Kodacha
PSME!!! (have 1-6)Thanks Kare n Lovie ^^
Suikoden(Last 2 ~ 4 vol.s)
Tegami Bachi/Letter Bee
We Were There
Some of these might be very hard to get now >.<

~*~ Many moar ~*~

Currently watching: Summer 2013 Anime
Attack on Titan
Day Break Illusion
and Soul Eater and Sword Art Online on Toonami.
One Piece ep.216 oTL

Shin Sekai Yori (From the New World)
Problem Children Are Coming From Another World, aren't they?

Tegami Bachi/Letter Bee (waiting to watch 2nd season with friends)

A few of my fav anime:
Shin Sekai Yori
Boku ga Ita
Ergo Proxy
Fruits Basket
Host Club
Princess Tutu
Sailor Moon
Tenchi Muyo
Usagi Drop
Ton more but there'd be way too much to list them all.
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Dream Avatars~

I'm content on keeping my avatar this way. Working on dream avatars for my mules.

I was trying for a Pirate Lolita outfit but ended up making an Elegant Lolita outfit in tektek instead. ^_^;

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Total Value: 922,803 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Angelic Lace (Got)
Violet And Purple Reversible Hair Pins (Got)
Fluorite Borealis (Got)
Girls Gung Xi Shoes
Blacklight Gloves
Elegant Violet Satin Corset
Mono the skunk plushie
Amethyst And Milk Quartz Earrings (Got)
Masquerade 9th Gen. (Got)
Moonstone Borealis
Gentle Lavender Sweet Lace Skirt (Got)

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Not drawing any freebie art. (Except for the one person I promised.)
Don't ask, I wont be able to get to it.

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Couple of my pugs >W<
User Image I'll fix that link later >>;
Based on Chibi Moon and Tux.
R.I.P Chibi Moon
@/~-~-~-~-'`-~-~-~-~-~ ~/~-~-~-~-'`-~-~-~-~-@
R.I.P. Worf, sweetie wheaty
1996- 12/2010
R.I.P. K'Ehleyr
10/1997 - 2/11/2013
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{Link Section}
My comic: Of the Stars (nothing to see yet. Have to sort out a few things.)

(Poss. more links to come)
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