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On roleplaying, psychology, Gaia, and life.

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Hi! I'm Watervoir/Water/Watur. I live in Canada and I love beaver tails (look it up!). I've studied computer science, human biology, and psychology in school. Sometimes I'm referred to as a robot zombie, but I assure you that I am perfectly normal (tm). My mood typically ranges from being super cute to being super edgy. I'm generally pretty busy person, but I also enjoy chatting, meeting, and getting to know people. My hobbies include roleplaying, drawing art, playing video games, watching educational YouTube videos, and listening to podcasts.

I had once been a Forum Assistant (since June 11, 2013) and then a Site Moderator (since Apr 24, 2014).

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TheGazSpaz Report | 12/21/2017 10:14 am
School has been treating me like...well, school. xp But I'm doing fine! I hope you have a fabulous holiday season~
TheGazSpaz Report | 11/21/2017 7:26 pm
I hope you are doing well! I miss you! heart
gum disease Report | 05/22/2017 4:07 am
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Aasta Belfrie Report | 01/24/2017 10:32 am
Thanks for buying!
starzXnight Report | 01/01/2017 10:11 pm
thank you for the gift! gonk happy new year to you too 4laugh
gum disease Report | 11/15/2016 3:48 am
i've been kinda sick for the past week, but i'm okay!

i hope you're alright, husbando~
gum disease Report | 10/22/2016 6:59 pm
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calisto91 Report | 09/23/2016 6:11 pm
thank you for buying 3nodding
gum disease Report | 04/19/2016 7:22 pm
Countessa Moon Report | 01/09/2016 5:31 pm
Thank you again for the prizes. <3