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Haii, My name is Erin and my big sis probably wont let my say my name on here but oh well. Im NOT gonna say my age but my B-day is August 9th! I absolutly LOVE snakes cause for the past few years ive caught and held wild snakes they NEVER bit me. My sis's user name is Aiko Heart if u know her. Im a girl but i dont like my name at ALL, i wish i was a Taylor or something better. I was suppost to be a Taylor cause of my dad but my mom said Erin...bleh ><
My fav color is green cause its mah birthstone. I mostly like neon green cause i think its the best color in the world! My best freind ever is ll-Taylor-ll (Johanna) cause she's funny and she makes the best of bad times, and dont EVER mess with her or i WILL find u and i WILL beat u till u cant remember ur own name!! Beat up her ex for blaming her for the way he hit her... Well PM me or send me a comment cause i always try to send back. biggrin

My big sis in real life ^.^

Best friend in real life (dont mess with her)

If u cant see the pic's sry but maii computer sucks