Khyna is a 19 year old native born citizen to Republic City, she is that daughter of a humble water bender Katcha hailing from the Northern Water Tribe, and Daiko Kaji a non-bending fire nation aristocrat.

Khyna takes after her mother, she discovered her gift of water bending at the age of six one day while singing. Khyna's bending is stronger when she uses her voice to guide the water as opposed to her hands, when using her hands it takes a greater deal of concentration and is less effective so she is often seen exercising her voice.

Khyna is a local singer in Republic City and often performs at formal events due to the connections her father has. However she is no where near famous and has a small group of fans that rest in her friendship circle and acquaintances. One day she would like to tour and show people her gift of singing while bending to remind people of the origins of bending, pure beauty that nature creates.