Before I type anything, I must congratulate you in your wondrous achievement. After so many hours of searching, you have finally had the honor of coming across my amazing profile page! ^^ I know that this is quite a rewarding time for you and I'm sure it's been a real pleasure for ya, seeing as you are reading the profile of the future queen of the WORLD!!!

..... *cough*

Ahem, anyway moving on, my name is Watagashi (aka Stephy). ^_^ Also known as her Majesty, her Highness, or her Perfect Spiffiness. You may call me Wata, if you wish. Though, the absolute first thing you should know about me is that I am madly, deeply, crazily in love with a wonderful man named Andrew - also known to Gaia as ShadeoX (we met on Gaia, btw). He is a man beyond my dreams, and a wonderful dream come true. smile We married on the 8th of November in 2008. WHOOOOOO!!!

I'm a North Carolinian and lover of Cheerwine, chocolate milk, sushi, and galvimatronic laser... things. People either know me as being crazy and peppy or quiet and shy. o.O You decide. On top of it all, as stated before, I'm training to become queen of the world. How will I do this? That's a very interesting question, but I am forbidden to give out information at this time, seeing as it may potentially thwart my plans.

Thank you for viewing. Be sure to give me much money, ya hear??

~ (future queen) Watagashi


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Fragmented Memories: And Stuff

Er... This is a place I'm gonna write in and... yeah. That's about it. ^_^; I still don't know exactly what I'm gonna do with it.



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It has been a while, and I dont know how long YOUR hiatus is gonna be, but this guy is back for a while! =) Maybe the stars will align, and you can come back around for a bit as well wink

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happy birthday watagashi!!!
your avatar is soo cute!!

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OH! So not only do you take forever to reply, but you taunt me with your juicy steak? You got mean....XP (Joking)

Heh, I always said that nothing in the militeary is certain untill you are on the plain, but good luck with Japan. That would be awesome. As for College, I am nearing the first year done and still not quite sure what my final objective will be, so I cant really say.


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I'm doing good, college going (reletively) smooth. I'm slowly starting to get back into Gaia, its always grabbing me back. =) And how about yourself? How's my favorite elf girl?

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Heh heh, I was just about to comment to you. Ya beat me to it! Xp
Neferet -House of Night-

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Neferet -House of Night-

heh lol.

Have fun. If I don't talk to you later, I'll talk to you on Monday. :3

Have a nice long weekend. :3
Neferet -House of Night-

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Neferet -House of Night-


I was trying to do the parent taught version which was cheaper but my mum's a ******** control freak.

If she brings it up one more time, I'm going to tell her, she's not the one who paid for the ******** s**t so she needs to mind her own business. >.<

Neferet -House of Night-

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Neferet -House of Night-

They used to have Driver's Ed in high school. But they got rid of it because of funding or whatever. 400 hundred dollars is a ******** rip off. Course I'm 18 and I don't have to do my drive times. :3 Which I won't. It's a waste of a Saturday or weeknight really.
Neferet -House of Night-

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Neferet -House of Night-

I'm going driving with my dad this weekend and for a few weeks and then going to the DMV and getting my license. :3

My mum wants me to do my drive times, but it'll be till September till I get my license and she doesn't get that there's a waiting list for when I schedule my next drive time, which last time was 2 weeks. I spent 400 dollars on driver's ed which was a waste of money and did nothing but kill time. -sighs-
Neferet -House of Night-

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Neferet -House of Night-

Yeah. It's a trait I got from my dad. :3

Yeah and when I told him that I'm stressed as is he was like "Well move out then"

And I'm like it's not that simple. I still don't have a license idiot. >:O

meh. He can be sweet sometimes but now he's being a d**k.


ShadeoX and Watagashi

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