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Gender: Male

Location: United States

Occupation: U.S. Army


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Name: Andor Malachite Osiris
Alias: Doberman
Marital Status: Single
Birth: May 1st 1945
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Hazel/Green
Height: 6' 0"

Backstory still in process...

[Underline]Backstory[/underline]: Born in a time where the world seemed to be in constant war, Andor practically donned "war" as his second middle name. Raised into strict, "militarized" type standards due to his father being a Marine, his mother always did the very best she could to show Andor that there's always room to enjoy life's short but sweet moments it has to offer. Despite his father teaching Andor the way the world works through the eyes of a soldier, his mother always intercepted by showing how the world works through the eyes of a bystander; someone just trying to live their life who so happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Both teachings always conflicted with Andor because both sides have pros and cons that only he himself could pick out. However, this confliction would eventually be resolved.

Upon December 1st, 1969, the Selective Service conducted lotteries where those who were born from January 1, 1944 to December 31, 1950 would be called to serve in the Marines during the war. Andor, being 19 years of age, was eligible and was one of the first few that got selected that same month. Andor saw this as an opportunity to grasp an understanding of the difference of life's two perspectives; a marine: someone who's always first on the scene when duty calls, executing orders and taking out all threats even at the cost of oneself life, and a bystander: someone who's just doing the best they can to live their own life, enjoying it's short but sweet moments whom may end up in the wrong place at the wrong time, usually fleeing the scene when s**t hits the fan, leaving the work to the professionals so that oneself can live for another day, continuing on with their life so that they may flourish. No matter which path may be chosen, or forged, Andor's parents always told him that "Like a Doberman, stay loyal to your path, your beliefs, and your destiny."

3 years had passed since Andor bid his parents a farewell. Basic Training came and left and before he knew it, it was time for deployment. Since the war's expansion into Cambodia, Andor had already accumulated over 200 confirmed kills. His superiors would grace him for his war efforts, even getting acknowledgements from those above his superiors. However, though he did appreciate the recognition and the ability to save lives, the fact that he was using that same power to take lives as well by simply taking an order and pulling the trigger was unsettling for Andor. It almost felt like blind murder, and knowing that the other side might be feeling the same way, only here to provide for those loved back at home made it that much worse. "About 95% of the enemies have someone dear to them back at home. That means that about 3 and a half quarters of the people I've killed are gonna have heartbroken families, single spouses, and perhaps even children who didn't get a chance to know their fathers." This thought was practically burned into Andor's mind. He didn't feel it was his place to judge whether someone should live or die, and so from the day he made this new realization, Andor decided that once this war was over, he'd only kill as a last resort. Though Andor vowed to only kill as a last resort, nothing prepared him for what was to come as he would be forced to put his convictions to the test.

Upon March 30th of 1972, North Vietnamese forces invaded Southern Vietnamese and U.S. forces. Andor and his unit were deployed to defend their assigned location. They were able to keep this up for 3 months, up until he and his unit got overwhelmed and were taken in as POWs and sent to Hỏa Lò Prison, nicknamed Hanoi HIlton. During his time as a prisoner, Andor, as well as his unit, would undergo various methods of torture, such as prolonged solitary confinement, rope bindings, and iron beatings. They would also take a select handful of prisoners to a different location where they would pump a series of drugs, toxins, and chemicals into their body weekly. No clear reason as to why this practice was necessary, what Andor did notice, however, was several people reacting differently during each given dose. Some experiencing rapid vomit, hallucinations due to major dehydration, and constant body aches and pains. But the most serious case that almost everyone experienced was death. Andor, being one of the fortunate ones, experienced a few episodes of rapid vomiting, but mostly aches and pains. This would go on for months until either all experimented POWs were dead or until December 12th of 1973, which was the day that both the U.S. and North Vietnam agreed to release American POWs and stop further involvement in the war. However, though almost all POWs were released, a few, Andor included, were not let go, and the North Vietnamese kept them in the dark about it, convincing them, while being transported, that everyone has forgotten them and the promise to let them go was to only give false hope.

Upon arrival at the top secret base of operations, located somewhere beneath the Red River, a confused, angry, and scared Andor was taken in awe by the construction of the facility and how "futuristic" it appeared, with touch screen compatible devices, robotics, and top grade, highly advanced ordnance. Where and how did the Vietnamese get the resources to build this place? Thoughts like this clouded Andor's mind, but it didn't seem like any answers would come to him any time soon. Andor and the POW's were taken to what appeared to be a laboratory which contained all sorts of gadgets and gizmos Andor didn't recognize, but what stood out the most were the dozen of cryotubes, and one other machine that looked like a cryotube, but slightly modified, known as a "UV-ray chamber." Before the Vietnamese troops would put the POW's in the chamber one at a time, they would load these little capsules, which contained similar liquid to the one that was injected into the POW's back at Hanoi Hilton prison, into slots on both sides of the chamber. Once the chamber was loaded, the Vietnamese would start the first step of a process that they called "khai hoang," also known as "Reclamation." Screams of pain and agony, as well as bright light, came from the chamber, and it was at this moment that Andor realized just how powerless he felt. Is this what it's like to be a bystander? Someone who just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time but can't do didly squat? Thoughts like these ambushed his mind up till it was his turn to step into the chamber, and then... pain.

Once Andor was done, his whole body felt as if it was transformed. A man wielding a sheathed katana, and donning a black officer's uniform with a red hammer and sickle symbol on both his shoulders, awaited. That symbol represented the Communist Movement. Who is this guy? After the Vietnamese troops put Andor in the line formation that they made the other POW's form, the mysterious man began to speak: "Greetings chosen ones. You are all here because you have taken your first, dedicated step toward a better world. A world with no rich nor poor and doesn't grade or reward you based on a pre-calculated system, but by the work type and needs of your own. A world that will be united as one and ruled under no unjust hierarchies. A world that puts great emphasis on a more rational and philanthropic basis. Everyone who works gets to enjoy the fruit of their labors, and you among countless more volunteers are gonna be the front lines of that world. A Communist world."
The hell..?

"I am Hoai Long, and what you've all experienced was the first step in Operation: khai hoang. The small, mildly concentrated doses of the serum mixed with few other concoctions that were given to you during your time in Hỏa Lò Prison was just a mere test to see if your bodies could handle the 'transformation'. The highly concentrated UV-rays in the chamber acted as a catalyst once you were injected with the highly concentrated serum, stabilizing the process." Andor understood now what his body was feeling. "This transformation will allow you to undergo various physical feats beyond the body's full capabilities and limits, as well as increasing your, for lack of better words, "brain-power." You're now faster, stronger, and smarter than the average human being, and with this power, will be the ultimate enforcers of the new world." This didn't sit right with Andor, and it appeared that he wasn't the only one feeling this way. One unlucky POW, who decided to try his luck with his new given abilities, stood up against Long, but the end result was the marine's demise with Long unsheathing his katana and impaling it through him. The other two POW's called out in distraught after seeing their fellow comrade die, and Andor, once again, getting a guilty conscience, feeling as if he had failed not just his comrades but himself too. 'I could've done something! Even if that meant possible death!' he thought to himself. But just as he finished his thought, the two other POW's began to lash out at Long. "You sunuvabitch! You killed him! WHY!!?? Is this a part of your twisted plan? To dictate whether someone should live or die simply because they don't share your ideals!?" one of them shouted. "Those who do not share this vision of the new world are merely liabilities. Let your friend be an example."

That's it! I will not stand here, frozen to the ground and just wait for something to happen! Never again! If you want something done, you gotta do it yourself! Andor thought. Within what felt like an instant, Andor picked the nearest Vietnamese troop, disarmed him by taking his sidearm from his left leg pouch as well as the M-16 assault rifle from his grip, and not only took the troop hostage with his own sidearm, but aimed the sights of the assault rifle at Long as well, taking him hostage as well. Andor demanded that the POW's get to vacate the premises unharmed or he'd kill both the troop and Long. The POW's thanked him and darted out of the laboratory. A little sense of relief came over Andor, but suddenly disappeared when Long took out a sidearm. Andor, now threatening to end the troop's life, demanded him to stop. What came after shook Andor to the bone; Long killed all the Vietnamese troops that were in the room, and just before killing the one that Andor took hostage, Long said "Liabilities." Andor, with his new strength, threw the troop at Long upon gunfire, and tackled him to the ground. The two put up a good fight against one another until Long decided to throw his katana at Andor, who dodged the attack, but the katana would impact with the UV-ray chamber power source, causing an explosion, shaking up the whole facility. Due to this, sirens whirred, red lights flashed, and an automated monotoned voice repeated "Emergency! System Failure!" over the intercom. People outside the laboratory yelled in panic as they ran for their lives to the nearest exits. Andor, running for the exit of the laboratory, got shot in the leg from Long, causing him to fall down. Long, standing near a big red button, said "If not today, then my work will be continued someday. Until then, it shall remain a buried secret, waiting to be dug up by a true believer, and its founding father buried alongside it." Long then pressed the button, causing a blast door to close them into the laboratory.

Trapped and felt like death on the horizon, Andor scrambled through the chaos looking for any sign of an exit. Eventually, he noticed some pod looking tubes along the left side of the room. Andor, believing it'll provide protection from the now collapsing facility, stumbled his way to a pod and picked up one of the Vietnamese troop's sidearm while dodging Long's gunfire, and tinkered with the buttons on the control pad next to the pod, then opened it. Once he laid inside, he closed the pod door, and waited for the inevitable demise of the facility while keeping his newly founded sidearm at the ready in case Long decided to approach him. Although he could see Long approaching his pod, instead of engaging Andor, he tinkered with the buttons on the control panel of the pod, and gave Andor a haunting grin. "What the hell did you do!?" Andor yelled. The pod door made a click noise, suggesting the lock mechanism was activated, and then a hissing noise, followed by a mist, filled the whole interior of the pod. Andor felt a very chilling, yet comforting, sensation consume him, which forced him into a relaxed state, drifting him into a deep slumber. All the while, Long, with the whole facility, collapsed, and consumed by water.

46 years passed and Andor found himself, within his cryopod, aboard a research vessel class Frigate en route to a privately owned dock along the coast of Tokyo, Japan. What woke him up from his deep, frozen slumber was a sudden power outage due to a heavy storm outside; lightning struck one of the ship's antennas. An awake, confused, and scared Andor broke open the cryotube and fumbled through the darkness, struggling to gather his bearings. Having no idea where he is or how he ended up on this ship in the first place, all Andor cared about was getting back home.

The sound of people running up and down the corridors of the ship alerted Andor and forced him to maintain a low profile as he had no idea whether to trust the people on board or not. Better to be safe than sorry and overrun. As soon as he saw an opportunity to make a move, Andor would make his way down the narrow corridors of the ship, slowly making his way to the main deck. He recognized that the people aboard the ship were Russians. This puzzled Andor even more as to why he was aboard this ship. "How did Russians even know how to retrieve me? More so, get clearance to sail in Vietnamese waters?" So many questions would come into Andor's head, but this wasn't the time to answer them. He had to focus on getting off the ship.

Once he reached the upper deck of the ship, Andor realized that he was sailing past Tokyo. Except it looked slightly different as opposed to the last time he saw it in some of the books he read up on it. The only reason he was able to easily spot it was due to Mt. Fuji. Despite it not obviously being home, he figured it was better than where the ship was going. While making his way to the upper deck, he couldn't help but overhear some Russian chatter. Without even realizing it, he was able to understand some of the things they were saying despite never actually studying the language. "The serum," he thought. The Russians were relieved to be going back home, despite suffering a few casualties during the deep dive recovery op in the Red River. Though, there was one word that struck Andor to his core that he overheard: "Melioratsiya", which translated to "Reclamation". That officially confirmed it for him; they were his enemy. But this war had to be put off for now as Andor's primary objective was to get in contact with friendly forces and get back home.

Without hesitation, Andor leaped off the deck of the ship and swam as far as he could away from the ship while under water. Once he had swam 80 meters from the ship, he resurfaced to catch his breath, and then sprint swam the rest of the way. As soon as Andor finally reached Tokyo Bay, he found the nearest dock to swim to and recover. Immediately after Andor was able to relax for a bit, pain began shooting up his leg. This would catch him off guard as he hadn't done anything to hurt himself. Then he remembered the gunshot he received from Long when trying to escape the UV-Ray Chamber. Though exhausted, thirsty, hungry, and wounded, Andor felt he had to take action. Despite being very painful and possibly risking a worse case scenario, Andor began digging into his wound in an attempt to retrieve the bullet. Relieved to get it out, he soon began to bleed more which would cause him to pass out. Though he could recover more quickly from a normal bullet wound, this one was exposed to the cryotube that Andor rested in as well as the ocean waters during his swim to shore, which would cause his body to fight off against not just the bacteria from the ocean but the chemicals associated with his cryostasis. Plus, Andor's body, despite being physically enhanced beyond normal human standards in every way, still never went through a proper recovery from the cryostasis. He physically had no choice but to recover as soon as his heart rate went to a normal pace, which so happened to be after he managed to pull the bullet from his wound.


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