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Warren K Worthington III

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Birthday: 02/14

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Real Name
Warren Kenneth Worthington III

Formerly Death, Dark Angel, Angel, Avenging Angel

Publicly known

Adventurer, chairman & principal stockholder of Worthington Industries

U.S.A. (no criminal record)

Place of Birth
Centerport, Long Island, New York

Known Relatives
Warren Kenneth Worthington Sr. (grandfather, deceased), Warren Kenneth Worthington Jr. (father, deceased), Kathryn Worthington (mother, deceased), Burtram "Burt" Worthington (Dazzler, paternal uncle), unidentified cousin

Group Affiliation
X-Men, X-Force, formerly Mutantes Sans Frontieres, Hellfire Club, Secret Defenders, X-Factor, Horsemen of Apocalypse, Defenders, Death's champions, Champions of Los Angeles

Martial Status Uncertain - ((still wearing engagement ring until told otherwise))

College degree from Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters


150 lbs.





Angel possesses the superhuman ability to fly by means of his natural wings, which span 16 feet sixteen feet from wingtip to wingtip. Fully feathered like a bird's, the wings have a very flexible skeletal structure, enabling him to press them to the back of his torso and legs with only the slightest bulge visible under his clothing. Angel flies by flapping his wings, as a bird does.

Aerial Adaptation:
Angel's entire anatomy is naturally adapted to flying. His bones are hollow like a birds, making him weigh far less than usual for a man of his build. His body is virtually devoid of fat and possesses greater proportionate muscle mass than an ordinary human does. His eyes are specially adapted to withstand high-speed winds which would hurt the average human eye. He possesses a special membrane in his respiratory system enabling him to extract oxygen from the air at high velocities or altitudes.

Peak Human Strength:
Due to his body's natural mutation, the Angel possesses greater physical strength than an ordinary human equal to him in body weight and can lift about 500 lbs.

Superhuman Stamina:
The Angel's musculature produces less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of an ordinary human. He can physically exert himself at peak capacity for several hours before the build up of fatigue toxins in his blood begins to impair him. His physical stamina while in flight is considerably greater. The Angel can fly non-stop under his own power for a maximum of approximately twelve hours. Contrary to some reports, he couldn't make a transatlantic flight solely on his own power. During his one attempt to do so, he hitched a ride on an airplane for part of the way.

Superhuman Durability:
The tissues of Archangel's body are somewhat harder and more durable than that of an ordinary human, though he is far from invulnerable. While he can be injured in ways comparable to an ordinary human, his body is structured to withstand the friction caused by flying at high speeds. He can also withstand impact forces that would severely injure or kill an ordinary human with only mild to moderate discomfort.

Regenerative Healing Factor:
The Angel possesses an accelerated healing factor that enables him to repair damaged tissue with much greater speed and efficiency than an ordinary human. He can completely recover from non-fatal injuries such as slash and punctures within a matter of hours and injuries as severe as broken bones within a few days. This ability extends to being transferred by blood, thus he can heal others who come into contact with his blood, provided they have the same blood type.

The Angel's normal cruising speed averages around 70 miles per hour (112 kph), though he is capable of diving swoops that reach up to 180 miles per hour (290 kph). He can fly at 150 miles per hour (240 kph) without the help of a tail wind for up to half an hour at a time before tiring to an appreciable degree. Though he generally flies beneath the height of the clouds ([6,500 feet)(1981 meters)he can reach a height of 10,000 feet (3000 meters)with little effort. With severe strain he can attain the highest recorded altitude of a bird in flight (African geese at 29,000 feet (8840 meters) above sea level), but he could only remain that high for several minutes.


Techno-Organic Wings:
Angel was given techno-organic wings by Apocalypse as part of his conversion to the Horseman Death. Those wings enabled him to fly approximately at Mach 1 as well as being razor-sharp and able to shield his body by covering up. Its flechettes could be thrown as weapons, some of which were were covered in a neurological agent that could stun a foe. Eventually those wings decayed revealing feathered wings underneath. Later, after his organic wings were lost for a second time, the techno-organic wings regrew and his blue skin color returned. After killing those who took his organic wings, he reverted to his original Angel form. It's since been revealed that under stress his Archangel abilities can return, though he lacks complete control over this more aggressive form.


Angel temporarily had his wings empowered with 'lifeforce' in a later confrontation with Apocalypse. After healing the former Horseman War I, his wings returned to normal.


Expert Combatant:
Archangel is a skilled combatant, especially in aerial hand-to-hand combat.

Business Sense:
He is a talented businessman whose wealth ranks him in the lower part of the Fortune 500 list.

Strength level:
He is at peak physical strength for his age.

He has a weakness for beautiful women.

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Warren K Worthington III

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Globular Cluster Report | 09/29/2013 1:39 am
Globular Cluster
Mister Worthington! How do you do?

(Fantastic avatar)
Valkyrie Gauge Report | 04/14/2013 5:43 pm
Valkyrie Gauge
Long time, no see! biggrin
The Cajun Thief Report | 02/10/2012 5:10 pm
The Cajun Thief
JauntyGhost Report | 11/11/2011 12:03 pm
Hi! I spotted your profile when browsing some friends' profiles. Not sure if you're just cosplaying or if you're interested in RPing. I run an awesome literate RP guild that would love to have you. Check it out: Not to mention you seem to like the Ben Foster version of Angel, and I adore Ben Foster wink
Ruthless Heroine Report | 06/04/2011 11:02 am
Ruthless Heroine
Nice angel! biggrin
FROGSISTER Report | 05/19/2011 9:50 pm
*pinches your faaaayce hard*
Miss Ororo Munroe Report | 05/15/2011 7:08 am
Miss Ororo Munroe
Nice avi!
D 0 m i n i 0 Report | 04/23/2011 9:07 pm
D 0 m i n i 0
(( heart =^.^= Happy Easter =^.^= heart ))
Messiah Hope Summers Report | 02/18/2011 10:41 am
Messiah Hope Summers
hppy birthday!
Valkyrie Gauge Report | 02/14/2011 12:49 am
Valkyrie Gauge
"Happy Birthday," Liz shouted, excitedly. "Guess what...," she held up her hand. Upon it was an engagement ring. She quietly mouthed with a grin," He said yes!"


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