i love technoim a girl yes I know this account used to be a guy but im realy a girl so yeah, im bi and you might thank im crasy but i honestly thank i have ghost in my room and thay giggle a lot


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this is my first public jurnail

hi this is 6:55pm eastern time august 23 i got my knew gf turns out she already has a kid smile shes hot in real and so is her avi and really sweet and older than me smile shes going throughe a roughe time right now and babe if you are reading this its a teast bof faith stay strong to the lord dont give up hope and theres something good comeing out of it and youll be rewarded for jstaying strong in heaven


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ninja assasin 370

Report | 03/06/2012 12:30 pm

ninja assasin 370

give me my cusin their account back >:0
ninja assasin 370

Report | 08/08/2011 12:43 pm

ninja assasin 370

I think someone hacked this account...
Just Fierce

Report | 03/27/2011 8:32 pm


just my long lost friend
Little Sachiko

Report | 02/27/2010 4:11 pm

Little Sachiko

thankyou SON
Little Sachiko

Report | 02/27/2010 3:54 pm

Little Sachiko

-doesnt have any gold- =w=
Little Sachiko

Report | 02/27/2010 3:49 pm

Little Sachiko

-am bi-
i dont have enough gold to get you that. o-o
Warning M o d s

Report | 02/27/2010 11:07 am

Warning M o d s

▒▒▒▒▒▒▒█▓▓▓▓▓█▓█▓▓▓▓▓ i put this in my profile becuase no one else did sad
- ii eat cupcakes ii -

Report | 02/27/2010 10:34 am

- ii eat cupcakes ii -

haha kay
- ii eat cupcakes ii -

Report | 02/27/2010 10:25 am

- ii eat cupcakes ii -

oh ill need the zip ^///^


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