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DO's & DON'T's::::::......


2:ask for discounts

(short list right)


1: DONT beg me


i hope that was enough

2: DONT get mad if i wont return a mispriced item*cough cough*

3: DONT just add me so i can give u a free item from my store

4:last but NOT least

DO NOT NEVER EVER EVER EVER bug me in a pm or comment for a stupid item u cnt afford *lmao*,because you WILL BE IGNORED!?!?!?


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Xx_CandyxMint_xX Report | 12/29/2010 7:09 pm
Ur The Hacker? Someone Told Me You Got Hacked
Xx_CandyxMint_xX Report | 12/29/2010 7:09 pm
? o.o
Xx_CandyxMint_xX Report | 11/12/2010 11:00 am
lol yes u do
Xx_CandyxMint_xX Report | 11/07/2010 7:42 pm
nah its k
the sun is very attractive to me
Xx_CandyxMint_xX Report | 10/30/2010 6:40 pm
Xx_CandyxMint_xX Report | 10/30/2010 6:34 pm
i feel like killing the hacker...
but other than that i think evil
Xx_CandyxMint_xX Report | 10/30/2010 6:32 pm
and lmao! blaugh
Xx_CandyxMint_xX Report | 10/30/2010 6:27 pm
u stalked me!
i knew u visited my profile! >.<
Xx_CandyxMint_xX Report | 10/17/2010 8:52 am
sorry i was offline
xXSUCUBUSSXx Report | 10/16/2010 9:29 pm


User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image The little things you need to know about:::...

NAME:Anjelika(lame right)
AGE:2 diigits tht change on my birthday
hair color:which evr color in the VERY FIRST PIC up there^

My Personality:
I'm nice when i wanna be.I'm the type of person thts makes you laugh out loud when your not supose to,I'm me and ur you....duh!>.><.< anyway I'm an epic person i can go outside wearing random clothes and wouldnt give a s**t if someone laughs at me(i might even laugh 2)i'm the type of person that yells at people in their cars on the freeway even though im not driving i still have road rage(odddddddd)anyway i would love to hang out with you i love my friends DNt send me a random friend request and you dnt even say wazz up like who does tht?I'm the type of person thts loveable in a weird random way.I'll have your bakk in a fight.I cuss out ppl in a heart beat if they piss me off i'm ur best friend.I don't ask for things unless their offered.i have a meez,gaia,facebook,myspace,twitter,meez,imvu,and other things I wouldnt mine telling u my number or giving u my username for those websites just ask.I like to make profiles long xDDD anyway ask for anything else
broken cyde, and ksm, dot dot curve, the fray, 3 oh! 3, plain white T's, cuttlefish, kesha, lady gaga, beyonce, skakira, carlos santana,usher, green day, paramore, black veil brides, a rocket to the moon, this providence, and B.O.B, break silence, jaheim, allison l., versaemerge, new boyz, drake, the swellers, dot dot curve, (almost anything as long as it aint boring)

-My friends
- music
-boyz(as always)
-candy,eatting candy
-art,drawing it
-going outta state
skinny jeans with holes
-vans,all stars,high tops

- Bitches,ratSHITS not ratchets ratshit(my fhucking version)
- Labels
- Shady people.
-being bored
-friends not talking to me(wtf who am i lieing to?evryone knos only ppl who dnt talk to me are hat3rz!!! get it?:want3dbyhat3rz 3=e(wowwww slowwwww)
-skirts,dresses(eh)(unless they're ripped up)

TV shows:

zombie land, freddie vs. jason, kick a**, death at a funeral, scary movie 1-4, saw 1-5, every thing scary

Video games:
alot(toooo many)

same as video games

roger the neko