I pop on here every now and then, mostly lurking the art forums, I suppose I'll toss in a more current about me and what I've been up to the past 10 years. Well, I haven't changed too much, to be honest, I spend most of my time playing games, lounging with my cats, watching anime and talking to my boyfriend over Discord.

Yea, I can be found on Discord and Steam if you really wanted to get in contact with me those would be the places to do so, I suppose I can link those. Hm, oh yea, if you want to draw a cat for whatever reason, I love art of my little Trippy Kitten. I can link my toyhouse thing. I also have DeviantArt, if you want to look a mediocre art.

Well, if you're still here, there's not much more to add because I'm leaving the cringe-fest down below and most of it is still true, I'll just cross out old info that no longer applies and I grew out of or whatever. Not really changing anything because ya know, nostalgia or something. Oh, I am a lot more sarcastic and cynical these days, so there's that. Aight, peace~

Discord: TrippyKitten#8452
Server: Feline Fine
Steam TrippyKitten
DeviantArt: TheTrippyKitten
Toyhouse: Trippy

Old Cringey Content
spiffy quest thread: [thread]

about meh
~my real name is Rachel.~
~nicknames: Rae, Rach, Wankie, Kitty, && Mort~ ((Trippy))
~my favourite one is Mort, LoL~ ((yea...no...Trippy please))
~calling me Rachel is fine too~
~i also love my middle name, Lynn.~
~i'm 17 years old~ ((28 now, getting old ;-; ))
~i sing all the time~
~making a career out of that would be kick a**!~
~i swear a good bit. :]~
~i have choked on a snowflake.~
~it was traumatizing.~ ((eh, I'm over it))
~i'm a total clutz.~
~i'm pigeon toed. <3~
~i trip over my own feet.~
~ninjas are cooler than pirates.~
~i bite.~
~i love animals lots.~
~feet are icky.~
~hands are weird, but spiffy.~
~the colors green && purple are smexy together.~
~i like baking cookies.~
~i love grass && trees && flowers.~
~hugging trees is fun. <3~
~i love rum && vodka && Irish Trash cans && Jello Shots~
~i love to give out cyber gifts, like cookies!~ ((my cookies now))
~i like to draw.~
~i love having my picture taken. <3~ ((keep the camera away please))
~i like to dance in my undies.~ ((too lazy to dance))
~i talk to myself.~
~i usually start out very quiet~
~i am very observant of others~
~i like to listen, rather than talk~
~i generally warm up quickly though~
~i am pretty open about my life~
~i can be the sweetest girl you've ever met.~
~i can also be a total b***h.~
~i want to get my lip ((re))pierced.~
~also my nose too.~
~i also want more piercings in my ears.~
~i have a rose tattoo && plan to get more.~
~i enjoy pain.~
~my coon tail is awesome.~ ((do I even still have that thing??))
~and you know it.~
~i have ADHD.~
~i'm super hyper at times.~
~at other times I'm super down.~
~i don't think there is an in between.~
~tektek is awesome~
~i was in a band called Forgiving the Riot~
~i love to write poetry and lyrics~
~i change my opinion on things a LOT~ ((not so much anymore))
~i'm a super confusing person~ ((nah, pretty straightforward now))
~i laugh at randomly, without reason~
~i make super random lists of things. :]~
~i snort when i laugh, so what?~
~i spend most of my free time gaming~
~i have a huuuuuge Pokemon card collection.~
~i also have a lot of other Pokemon stuff collected.~

Your Fox Slave

Dream Avi Page
Full Wishlist
Favourite Bands/Artists

((Pretty sure all that stuff is dead or obsolete))


Teh Wanker's Dream Avitars!

Lookies or I'll devour you undergarments. mad

I'ma post my dream avitars in here! ^_^ And possibly other thing too.


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Cake In A Basket!

Report | 10/06/2009 2:34 pm

Cake In A Basket!

Thank you.

Your avie is super smexy.
Cake In A Basket!

Report | 09/02/2009 10:55 am

Cake In A Basket!

That's good. ^_^
Cake In A Basket!

Report | 09/01/2009 7:10 pm

Cake In A Basket!

3nodding My driving skills are improving.
Cake In A Basket!

Report | 09/01/2009 11:58 am

Cake In A Basket!

At least you have the internet. I love you!
Cake In A Basket!

Report | 08/13/2009 8:02 pm

Cake In A Basket!

I love you too!!!!!

Report | 08/05/2009 4:41 pm


sorry to hear wat?
Cake In A Basket!

Report | 08/05/2009 1:08 pm

Cake In A Basket!

Thank ya. I'm still working on it.

I love yours too.
Cake In A Basket!

Report | 08/05/2009 12:57 pm

Cake In A Basket!

Oh. Well at least I get to talk to you for a little bit.
Cake In A Basket!

Report | 08/05/2009 12:55 pm

Cake In A Basket!

It's okay that you missed it. I didn't participate anyway. OMG!! You're on!!!
Cake In A Basket!

Report | 07/04/2009 8:34 pm

Cake In A Basket!

Hey, Gaia is having a Spirit Week starting tomorrow. I was wondering if you would like to participate Twin Day, which is on the 9th, with me?


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