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Occupation: Tonglen


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Physically Non-Binary [No Gender] I tend to do Self expressing of both energies of male&female, my pronoun: Soul/Friend/Myth
I will flirt/pay more attention to males not females. (I have a tendency to like everyoe's soul vs irl physical forms, the avi to me can best represent the soul and i do like to admire the work of art.) I am trying to connect to more to people and to see who they truly are.
I dont ask 'norm' questions, bc to me thats boring and the soul cannot express its true self that way.
I'm a gift giving person (includes: energy/time/$/service/etc). I want to be a good friend to someone who wants the same.

I am:

Rising Sun sign: Capicorn
Star sign: Scorpio
Moon sign: Saggitarus

I am:

I- Introverted N- iNtuitive F- Feeling J- Judging + P- Perception

I am:

Currently working 1 full time job, I know it will change again to another part-time traveling for events job. Or collaboration with another therapist ^.=.^ [future possibilities]

I love what I do:

-Clinical/Empathic Touch/Intuitive Wellness
(Licensed Massage/Bodywork Therapist, Reflexologist, Empathic Touch Therapist)


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PurplePoppets Report | 08/01/2020 5:35 pm
Thanks for buying! heart
king hazy Report | 07/07/2020 12:56 pm
king hazy
you're incredible. may i pm you? i'd love to pick your brain and get to know you better. and please let me preface that this is not a veiled attempt to solicit for anything unsavory.
Mr_jostar Report | 06/11/2020 11:47 pm
i didn't find it awkward xd i have enjoyed being your friend as well cool
Mr_jostar Report | 06/10/2020 1:27 am
its alright at least you remembered sweatdrop thanks a bunch for the gift too mrgreen
lvkewl Report | 05/18/2020 2:01 pm
Sorry not been online here in years
Mr_jostar Report | 01/29/2020 11:34 pm
well if you want one its a kin called chiclex most kins give their item at lv10 to equip but not all are (I am) items, as for fish kins i think the chiclex & junior the shark are the only ones, i dont know many other fish items either
Shmalapala Report | 01/23/2020 12:36 pm
omg thanksss its been a long time haha, (and i just happened to check back!)
ZiZaG_913 Report | 06/26/2018 1:32 am
yeah, lets try to chat in discord XD
ZiZaG_913 Report | 06/24/2018 10:57 pm
aw don't worry XD, ur the only one that I chat in here, as in ur the only one that I only send messages to, so yeah im a bit lonely here X3, Im really grateful that I have met you XD, I really missed you, I wish we can play together again X3.
ZiZaG_913 Report | 06/24/2018 8:01 am
hey!! have you got my message? X3

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