Hi all!

I'm Wanderer K-chan, but you can call me Kar. You can read the other stuff on here or go to one of my old recruitment threads to find out more.

Since it's finally summer I'll be on Gaia a lot more, but I'm a bit of a night owl so my peak roleplaying times will be from 3pm to 4am.

Types of roleplays I will do:

Fantasy -- if it doesn't have some sort of fantasy element I'm not interested

Types of roleplays I won't do:

Rehashings of stories that have already been told -- I'm not going to waste my time retelling the entire series of Fullmetal Alchemist (for example); roleplays in that world with different characters are usually fine, but if you want to do an anything-based roleplay make it unique with limited cannon use

Simi-literate, Literate, or Advanced Literate:

I do all three, though I only do semi-lit if a certain friend of mine roleplays in it along with me -- each has its own set of strengths and weaknesses that draws me to it or pushes me away.

Semi-literate -- These often turn into tests of speed -- in action scenes the goal is to get your post in before someone else or be forced to rewrite it. There's also and unspoken rule that says that you should keep your posts relatively short if you expect people to read them. This aspect of semi-literate roleplays forces you to choose your wording carefully and try to say a lot with a little. A downside to this kind of roleplay is that the grammar and spelling of your fellow posters probably isn't the best, but if you're willing to overlook that they can be a lot of fun.

Literate -- The more laid back kind of roleplay where you don't post too much or too little. Your fellow posters have anywhere from decent to excellent skills and you're all there to have fun. I do this kind of roleplay when I want to take a break from the other two kinds...or if the plot's interesting.

Advanced Literate -- Often, these are where the elitists go to play; though a lot of said elitists seem to think that quantity and "big words" (that they sometimes don't know the meaning of) = superior writing skills. That kind of thing bugs me, but if I can find a good advanced roleplay where they actually know what they're doing and aren't snooty about it I love to join these and use them to practice writing techniques (though fun always comes first). There's a minimum post size in these, but that's okay with me unless I've got writer's block or have been given nothing to work with.

One-on-One Roleplays vs. Group Roleplays:

I'm fine with both.


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For the trade for the riddle prize I'm giving you an extra 100 gold cuz you explained

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User Image User Image User Image HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! User Image User Image User Image

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I've been doing fine. And you?

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Here is my dA account! Linkie!

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Hey K-chan. You probalby don't remember me anymore...but this is Flower! ~Flower n da heart~ I got hacked a long time ago and I wanted to add you back so that we could catch up. Can you believe its been about 2 years? Wowzas...

Anyway..Comment or PM me back. Laterz~
Cancerous Muffin

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Cancerous Muffin


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Are you enjoying life?

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I hope you are enjoying Lanipator on Youtube! He's funny....
Haiti Murumi

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Haiti Murumi


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