Hello : D
Name Faith
*Age 17
*Video Game
* heart Unicorns
* heart Japan

The rest you can talk to me :]

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Total Value: 1,000,399 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Ponzu the Panda
Ted and Dusky
Crimson Promise
Grim Reaper
Panda Mood Bubble
Pora Ice
Tiny Pixie Wings
Dark Star
Sexy Present (Valentines Day 2k9)
Dreamer's Dust
Demonic Earmuffs
Fausto's Bottle 9th gen.
Lunar Scythe
Radiant Prism

Rusko feat. Amber Coffman "Hold On"


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Chiarunmae Report | 11/11/2015 1:44 am
I remember you too...
Tactic_Fai Report | 03/28/2013 8:01 pm
What is? oxo?
Tactic_Fai Report | 03/28/2013 7:13 pm
You can sell it for 40k. XD
Tactic_Fai Report | 03/28/2013 6:52 pm
I will send you nice item. ouo
-InkaMae- Report | 12/15/2011 1:03 am
Winter Break biggrin DDD
anat24 Report | 11/18/2011 10:07 am
pls enter my new guild "CADSS" :3 for anime, manga, videogames, funny pics and random lovers xd
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Suki Blossoms Report | 09/13/2011 5:49 pm
Oh. I think it's a scary movie.
And aww you wasted all your time watching that dang movie! sad
-InkaMae- Report | 09/11/2011 1:27 am
Wait, so you got help back because you went to a filipino school?
-InkaMae- Report | 09/10/2011 8:13 pm
You are a year older than me! Youre gonna be a senior next year, probably going to be bittersweet huh?
Suki Blossoms Report | 09/10/2011 5:23 pm
Yeah D:
I didn't watch it though. I just know about it lol.
Why do you ask?

Me :3