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You don't worry about me, I'll worry about me. I play instruments and contemplate the mysteries of life in between pursuing a better life, working and going to parties. I don't think I'm better than anyone else unless they think they're better than me. I think people are too quick to judge and talk down to each other. If a little more common respect was established between everyone from every walk of life, the world would be, by far, much more liveable. But as of now, I'm an egocentric, self educating hard worker. That's my life and I'm happy with it. You do't need to go to school to be smart, you just have to posess an inborn curiosity. That didn't tell you too much about me, but I'm not going to provide too much ammo. After all, I'm sure I'll make some enemies over the internet...not that I care, that's what I'm here for. Also, all your mead is belong to me. VIKINGS!!!!!!!!!!

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The Anarchist and the Aristocrat

How could you truly describe something if everything is subject to perspective? My description would not be accurate.


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Kylodious Report | 01/23/2012 9:11 am
holy crap balls welcome back to gaia nyukka.
Hikaru Okami Report | 06/06/2009 12:34 pm
Happy Birthday old friend
Hoping you will enjoy however old you are now since I forgot :3
boobins Report | 06/05/2009 7:46 am
Holy crap!
I haven't talked to you in forever...
like...last time I talked to you I was illiterate.
I just got a PM sayin' you were having a birthday.
So Happy Birthday!
How've you been?
Kylodious Report | 03/08/2008 7:53 am
all i have really is a blue magical giftbox
Kylodious Report | 02/27/2008 3:55 am
you could, if i had gold o buy it off you with.
skittlez609 Report | 02/12/2008 11:28 pm
lol hey sexy imaadd you
Hikaru Okami Report | 01/03/2008 3:03 pm
:blinks: This makes me think of that one episode of South Park when the one guy was going to commit suicuide(sp?) for he ran out of Nicitine gum
Hikaru Okami Report | 11/21/2007 3:09 pm
You....cigeratte.....with....f*ck!!*grabs and stop drops and rolls on it* i shall beat you with my b*tch slaps of deathy doom!*pulls out a form of pimp cane and smacks at thou wiff it*
Hikaru Okami Report | 11/17/2007 3:32 pm
Hahaha, your back! And note my rich avvie. On another note....i dont kno, i played DDR all day cuz its real f*ck cold out
LIFE AHEAD OF ME Report | 11/15/2007 11:39 pm
I have got to say, it was nice talking to a guy who used to word cute to describe a girl instead of hot.


It was nice talking to you too.


Music is all about tastey noises. Mmmmm, noise....


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