The Details

Even though it's not very much, and I know you probably won't read it if I make it any longer, here is a very small summary about me. >_<
I am known as Witchy.
Mind you, this name has nothing to do with witchcraft or anything of that sort, it's just a cute and quirky name that my sis came up with. x)
The few sports that I hold a real interest for, and two of which I actually practice, are Dressage, Fencing, Tennis, Volleyball, Rugby and Football (!European Football!). I enjoy most genres of music ranging from dubstep to classical. The same goes for books. xD I'll read almost anything from fanfics to histories, as long as it interests me.

Anyway, since I can't think of anything else at the moment, here are my likes/dislikes.
Witchy's likes:
<3 Music <3
Reading Historical Romance/Fiction
Poking People With A Sword
Ice Cold Water
<3 Knitting <3
Playing With A Laser Pointer
The Sound of Flipping Pages
<3 OWLS <3
Holding A Baby Creature
Cold & Rainy Weather, Even Though It Makes Me Sleepy
<3 Cup Of Hot Tea On A Cold Evening <3
The Smell Of A Spice Cabinet
Witchy's Dislikes:
Water That's Been Sitting In The Sun Far Too Long
Tangled Cords
Any Sound The Microwave Makes
! Dead Bugs In The Pool !
Strong Windy Days
The Sound Of Typing Keys
! Making Dinner !
Things Out Of Order
Creases In Paper
Putting Discs In My Computer
Being Disturbed During Concentration
! Awkward Silences !
Used Empty Glasses
Well, I guess that's it then.

Praise Me?
lol XD