Hold up, oh no. Who let them in the door . . . ?

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Welcome, random stalkers.
I am
W i l d - G a z e.
In reality, my name is
You may call me what you wish, but nothing mean please.

To start things off, I am now a senior in high school, and it's not so bad. I am ready to graduate and go to college. I feel that my family holds me back from many things and once I go to college, I will be able to be free to do what I please. I am one of the 100 or so band nerds in our school. And let me tell you something. Our band kicks a**. Our marching show was amazing and I am slightly sad that this was my last year. I am a part of the low brass section, the euphoniums(baritones) to be exact. Since I am in the low brass section, I hang around the most perverted people alive and they have corrupted me and given me a perverted mind. Isn't that just so exciting? I have more guy friends than lady friends. Which I don't mind. Less drama I have to deal with. c: I do have a boyfriend and he is so amazing. He treats me so well and I cannot believe how lucky I am. We have been together for two and a half years and these have been some of the best years of my life. I have some amazing friends in my life. I may not have many of them, but I am very close to the ones that I have..

Music is my passion. That is pretty obvious since I am in the band. I love all sorts of songs. My taste in music depends on my mood. I have many favorite bands: Avenged Sevenfold, Simple Plan, Evanescence, Lady Gaga, Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte, and many more. I enjoy drawing in my spare time, but I have very little of that anymore. Hahaaa.

I am a
roleplayer here on Gaia. I would probably consider myself somewhere around a literate one, but I can be much better if I actually push myself. I currently have a creepy obbsession with Dragon Ball Z, Harvest Moon, and chatroom roleplays.. I play both male and female characters, but sometimes my males turn out to be homosexual. Yes. I support homosexuality. Don't like it? Don't bother talking to me about it. I don't like to hear people b***hing about that sort of stuff. Oh, and I do not like to use text talk. At all. I find it rather stupid and I cannot understand it half the time. I use stuff like Lol and Brb, but nothing really complicated. So please use proper English when speaking to me. Thank you. c:

I guess that is all for now, loves. If you want to get to know my better, then PM me or something. I also have an IMVU account now. My username is DalhiaMai. I have an Xbox Live account as well, but I don't have an Xbox at the moment. How very sad. Anyway, I shall see you guys later then. Until next time. ~