What You Need o Knoee.♥.

my name is joannee i love Best friend jessica . ii am very nice unless you bugg mee ... i dont likkee when peple ask me to donate .. umm no i wont dontatee unless i knew you for somee months or years lol .(; only if yhur nicee to me ill think about of donating so hmu (;


YOU'VE BEEN HACKED BY STEPHANIEE eyy gurl. haha . we've talked for awhile & met in less than a month . but how long we've met doesn't matter, because we became close friends. I can easily relate to you cause I've been through the exact same thing. We can have these girl talks & trust eachother , I got your back & you got mine. I hope we can remain this close till the very end. If anyone ever dares mess with this chick I'll whoop your sorry ass. I love you. Big booty hoes forever. (; <3 xoxoxxoo Steph