hello, darling!
Feel free to look around.
You can try to haggle, however after being scammed (twice ._. )
I am no longer accepting anything lower.
(If you still insist on messaging me, I creep on stores. None of that "I don't have the money" bs when you have 900bil of items in store)
I do hope you have a lovely day!


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"Non coelo tantum, sed et mari suae stellae sunt."
"Not only in heaven, but also in the seas are there stars."
Just call me Dae or Aria. I have extremely terrible text tone.
(So if I sound cold, I'm really not. ;-; )
I'd like to consider myself pretty laid back and easy going.
In general, I love cats.
Feel free to send me all the cat gifs.
As far as gaming goes, I am pretty lazy.
(Have about 10 games just chilling that I have yet to touch.)
I am always down for a game of League though, so hit me up.
There is a part of my heart that is reserved for otome games.
(Just love having my feelings destroyed and rebuilt.)

█xx LoL NA: Biscuit the Cat