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Registered: 03/19/2007

Birthday: 05/21

vulpixsi mae ~


hoi, I'm vulpixsi, most the time I go by V or pix ~
i'm 22 and I'm from a place where everything is upside down "australia"
t'was once a FFX2 Rikku cosplay account ~
so if you knew me via RikkuYRPGullwings then hai! i'm back yum_puddi

Exsaion is my Senpai, get your own >////<

admire; food, video games, odd things, anime ost, sleep

despise; a majority of people, heat, gachas

i will leave it at that, if you wish to get to know me, feel free to pm! heart

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I sell things sometimes ~

Welcome! yum_puddi

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If you wish to trade, please be fair and yes,
I will go and check the current price on the particular item, so do not try fool me >.>
I sometimes lower the price if I really just want to get rid of the item, but please do not request me to do so, answer will be no.
If you have any other questions please feel free to pm me, enjoy and take care! heart

alt shops ~
alt - aussielol
alt - aussiehoe
alt - vulpixsi


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love ~

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Edoless Report | 01/19/2018 7:09 pm
thank you c: i like ur avi too bby 3nodding
YunJaeforeverlove4 Report | 01/09/2018 1:08 pm
thxs for buying heart
Exsaion Report | 01/07/2018 11:54 pm
hello moist legs ;]
Nin-nin warrior of God Report | 01/07/2018 10:16 pm
hi there smile
Xx_kannon_xX Report | 01/07/2018 3:45 am
Meleur Report | 01/06/2018 7:54 pm
No problem! ^^
Yuna Yuni Chan Report | 01/08/2017 8:39 am
I LOVE THE GULLWINGS!!!! Yuna is my favorite FF character, I even cosplayed as her in September last year from FFX smile Nice avi and profile btw smile
Valiant Gunner Report | 11/01/2015 6:10 pm
hiya Rikku
XxhellobaybeeXx Report | 07/17/2012 10:19 am
alright i did smile
XxhellobaybeeXx Report | 06/18/2012 5:16 pm
Rikku u need to come back girl i miss u like crazy smile crying heart

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